Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Misguided Media Perception of Sex

These days sex explodes from the pages of magazines, as well as the screens of our televisions and computers. It's sold to us in every form, whether it be song, advertising, or entertainment; it's unavoidable. Part of me thinks this is a positive step for our culture. We are finally freeing ourselves from sexual oppression, but at the same time, it's also painting a negative culture for women.

Any given song on the radio is about giving it up and how some girl is getting the singer's seats wet. While we are seen more as equals, women continue to get overly sexualized in mass media. We are used as sex objects, we are told we need to be skinny and dressed up at all times. Essentially, we're worth nothing if we're not looking sexy.

This message is obnoxious, but unfortunately it's what's populating our brainwaves courtesy of the media. It is of no doubt that these images and messages have a wearing effect on us. We go on diets to fit the mold, we give it up easily because we are expected to and we begin to lose sense of ourselves. I don't want the media to stop talking about sex, because I think its healthy for us, but I wish they would change their theme. However, I don't foresee that happening, so instead we have to change the way we view it.

We have to take our sexual power into our own hands. We have to figure out what we like sexually and use it to our advantage. We can then take what we learn and teach it to the men in our lives so that they don't take misguided advice from said media. If you're new to the world of exploring yourself and are apprehensive about doing so, I recommend you get a vibrator. This will help you break the barrier of doing it "yourself," while also teaching you what works and what doesn't. If you're looking for options, check out Adam & Eve. You'll definitely be able to find something you're comfortable with. Getting to know yourself will help you become more confident and build a sense of sexual empowerment. And when you own your own sexuality, you can rule the world!

We also need to be vocal about our beautiful bodies and worth, despite what size we are. You can do this by knowing you're beautiful, believing in yourself and standing up for yourself. We can't expect others to empower us, that's our job. You and only you, needs to fulfill your feelings of self-worth. Coupling this attitude with your newly instated sexual empowerment can help break one bad media habit at a time.

I don't think we'll ever really be able to change the perception of the media, but we can certainly make sure the men in our lives don't fall for the misconception.