Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wasted Wednesday 003 - Quack!

If you have a few dollars to spare, please please please consider donating to Kim's Climate Ride! All monies raised go to local and national bicycle advocacy nonprofits. She's a little more than ½ way there and she'd really appreciate your help!

Mel uploaded – and I stole – pictures from the first Wasted Wednesday I attended back in the beginning of June. So, here, I'm sharing! Explanation: Jen tends to pose the same way in photos so friends often pose similarly as an...homage, shall we say.

Ha, like I'm one to talk about identical poses, apparently! My presence has been demanded at this weeks Wasted Wednesday so, perhaps, more pictures are a comin'!

Tomorrow I see a different psychiatrist as mine is out of town for several weeks. I have a few changes I'd like to make to my medication cocktail so we'll see how he feels about that. Then Thursday I have group and individual therapies. I've done a little therapeutic writing but really need to push myself to do a lot more.

The kitties are doing well. Spending all their time lying about and being adorable.

Oh, and I wanted to let you know! I have a sponsored post going up tonight. It's written to look like it's by me but... It's just an ad for a sex shop and I specified what is and isn't allowed on my blog so it's definitely nothing offensive. Just giving you a quick heads up.


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! <3

  2. Right on. You look so lovely. I enjoy your hair-flowers, and have been inspired to wear some of my own.

  3. There's nothing wasteful about Wasted Wednesdays! :)

  4. imo there's no harm in using a few sponsored posts to pay the rent, so long as they're in line with your values and there's clarity about what is and isn't sponsored. I noticed comments weren't enabled - I was going to say, I went to one of the Adam & Eve stores in North Carolina a couple of months ago and they had a lot of interesting stuff but were a bit north of my price range and the staff were pushier than most of the sex shops I've been to, but I guess that's just how higher-end places are; it's just a little unfortunate when you're buying things for having sex with. I got some good lingerie there, though, and if you're shopping at their online store then no worries ;)

  5. Hope your wasted Wednesday gathering is worthy of your time! LOL......Good luck with the new meds too.