Sunday, February 12, 2012

I might have found a place to do some volunteer work. She was incredibly excited when I told her I'd been the office manager for a nonprofit in Los Angeles and that I'd done grant writing for several others. Apparently she desperately need some help in the office since all of her other volunteers are out in the field. It's an organization that provides advocacy for abused children in the court system. I meet with her tomorrow to see if it'll be a good fit.

Two bankruptcy consultations next week. Dreading but it's necessary. Sweet merciful Jesus, the paperwork! One of the consult packets alone was 53 pages! I just filled them out to the best of my ability. Credit reports are fucking complicated to understand when you have a shit ton of creditors. And fuck were there a lot of medical and hospital bills on there. Even back from when I had private insurance that shit was piling up. Sigh. Well, we'll see what happens. And how long it takes to save up to file.

I think I'm going to take more pictures. Nude and not. I really need to normalize my body to myself. And I think photographing it will help a lot. So expect to see some. Er, clothed, of course. I've said this before buy shyness and self loathing got the better of me. Time to fight that shit a little harder.


  1. I for one would love to see some new updates on you without clothes on - it meant a lot to me when you posted those in the past.

  2. I hope you are able to give your talents to the non profit organization...I know it will make you feel so good to be able to help others. Good luck with all your plans...