Thursday, May 19, 2011

I, obviously, passed the pee test and he pain doctor prescribed me a new pain killer – Nucynta. I can't afford to pick it up yet but should have it by Monday. I'm really hoping it helps. But after failing with oxycontin, morphine, fentanyl, flexeril, vicodin...I don't hold out much hope. On the plus side? The website shows a lion holding a rose in its mouth. Clearly that should calm my fears!!!

Freshly bleached and colored hair:

Things I Want To Write About But Haven't Had the Emotional Energy To:
* Sex/sluthood
* Kink
* Femininity
* Basically anything and everything that isn't just the updating on my daily life


  1. Stick a fork in it then, 'cause this blog's dead.

  2. I took nucynta a few times for pain . . . I don't do well on painkillers in general, but I will say it made me SO SICK. Barf city. That said, my friend w/ fibro loves it.

  3. Hey. I'm late to this but I've been taking nucynta on and off for a few months now related to ongoing pulmonary embolism pain (ugh) which has manifested in my back/side where my diaphragm is. BLARGH. I find that it actually works great. In the hospital I was on morphine and omg HATED IT SO MUCH, panic attacks, pain still there, bleh. But at least on nucynta I can actually get solid sleep and I don't feel completely drugged the next day. Just be very, very careful taking it when you have to drive and don't mix booze with this stuff. But you're no dummy, you know this.

    Anyways, I'm hoping it's working for you by now.