Monday, October 4, 2010

I swear to god, I think I’ve broken my body! I still hurt like hell and am having trouble walking. And I know the drive to Alabama will annihilate me. Oh well, I’ll just expect to be immobile for awhile after I arrive. I’m hoping I can find an inexpensive and cooperative doctor there who will see me and prescribe me my Vicodin quickly.

So, I’m going to be leaving mid-day Thursday, then staying the night with my friend, Shana, in Phoenix. Before that, I have to do the following:

Insure and register car

• Try to get another month of mood stabilizer samples for the road

• Empty out and repack my car as I did a horrible job the first time

• Find, package, and ship sold items

• Mapquest and print drive/destinations

• Confirm my couch stays

• Snacks, water, and other sundries

• Visit my mom

New cell provider and phone (I now have an Alabama area code. Weird.)

• Get my medical records from my primary doctor

• Check and close my PO box

• Find the paperwork for and donate my mom’s car

• Change of address forms

• Take pictures of everything

• Burn some CDs

• See Tasha

• See Keila

See Carlie

I think that’s it? I don’t know, I can’t really think of anything else though I’m sure I’ve forgotten things.

Tia and I already have plans to carve pumpkins soon and to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show! And my future roommate is taking me to a Halloween party! They’re both refusing to let me isolate, damn it. Thank god. And I’ve already met a couple of girls in the area who want to hang out. And a couple of dudes. Hopefully I’ll be able to start at the community college in January.

It’s a new start. And I’m going to make it count. I swear.


  1. I'm so proud of you!

    Also: update the ship-to addy for your Amazon wish list!

    -Karen aka Phreespirit

  2. So excited for you, and I actually set aside money to donate, but got a 'fatal failure' when I clicked on the Tips icon.

    My brother took his life over the weekend, and I want to make a donation to you in his memory. His name is Elton Jerome, Jr.

  3. My goodness, you certainly have accomplished a lot and I bet that last list of "to do" things will be completed soon too. Good luck on the road, enjoy the drive and take care...

  4. Please take time to pause at open WIFI and let us know how the trip is going!

  5. Tobey, I don't know you, but I'm sorry for your loss.