Friday, July 16, 2010

Ugh, I’m not sure where I picked up this cold but it’s kicking my ass. I very rarely get sick so when I do it’s pure misery.

Being that I’m seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I asked my landlord for another month. So I’ll be leaving at the end of August instead. I’m still going to try to get everything done ASAP but having more time is like a godsend.

My therapist and I were fantasizing about me just filling my car and saying bye bye to LA in the next few days. And, while I was thinking about it later, it occurred to me that, if I can get rid of enough stuff, it would be cheaper to just ship the lighter items than to rent an entire trailer. Even if it were the same price, the time, effort, and physical pain it would save would be epic. And I can’t judge the length of my car for shit as it is. Adding a trailer to that is just asking for trouble! Plus, and possibly more importantly, it forces me to get rid of even more stuff I don’t need. So that’s my new plan. Hopefully.

I’m trying to purge as much as humanly possible. It’s hard though. I have 30+ boxes of books alone and my goal is to have no more than 20 boxes total (meaning all my possessions) by the time I’m done. Yowza. I don’t know why I’m so attached to books when they’re the easiest things to replace. It’s strange. But I already have around 100 books to sell and more than that to donate. I’m doing my best, damn it!

I’m giving a ton of books and videos to my mom’s nursing home. And now that I have more time I might try to sell some of the furniture. I’m going to be having a few book sales on here. And probably some clothing sales as well. Lots of bento and kawaii stuff. Shoes. All sorts of things. I’m struggling to find a home for my cats. That’s upsetting me the most.

In shitty news, I have no medical insurance. My previous employers switched providers so it turns out I’ve been uninsured since June. Surprise! Meaning I can’t get my psychiatric medication until I get all that shit sorted out. Not good. Also, since Blue Cross didn’t bother to inform me that I was no longer covered I already sent them my $400 premium for July. Rawr.


  1. You can do it. I know you can....and in the interest of being honest...I just gave you an award on my blog.....hope you don't mind.

    go to my5cents on Diaryland or myseniormoments on Xanga.

  2. One really simple way to get rid of a TON of stuff is to list on Craigslist that you're moving and that you'll have an open house for people to come buy whatever. Just stick prices on everything and let them at it.

    And then put the rest in a free box and let people come get whatever they want.

  3. I think shipping is a better plan, having moved cross-country a couple times myself. What kind of car do you have that you were planning to tow a trailer with it?

  4. what are you doing with your cats? i truly hope you are taking them with you or rehoming them with a trusted friend.

  5. hi. i've been reading for a while (can't remember how i first stumbled here), but I'm shy about commenting. However, as someone who has moved across country three times with only her car, I just wanted to share a tip. Don't ship the light things - ship your books. It may sound weird, but you can ship your books media rate and it will be so much cheaper! I shipped a box of books for $12 and a box with my down comforter only for $15. I was a literature major in college, so I had tons of books I didn't want to get rid of. I can tell you're the same way. Shipping books is where it's at! Good luck with the move!

  6. Hey Heidi. One good piece of advice that came in handy when I moved cross country is MEDIA MAIL: a super cheap way to ship boxes of books, papers and CDs.

    Of course, no one really keeps a close eye on what's *in* the boxes, so it's easy to ship something "Media Mail," but secretly pack in clothes, cover them with books, then get it cross-county shipped for like $5 instead of the regular price. I managed to do a move from LA to Boston for about $200, plus the cost of my plane ticket.

    Good luck! And stay strong :)

  7. Ok,since you probably are at some kind of what you feel is your wit's end, please do not be ashamed to ask for help re your cats -- on your freaking website. No-kill shelters generally suck ass -- I know because I've worked at them! -- compared to being kept in some kind of home, and should be regarded as an absolute last resort. I and other people do have resources we can try to assemble to help your cats -- they should not suffer because of your life situation. Please, please, please at least tell readers of your blog the truth about what you are doing with them, and see if we can come up with help for them. I would not kick in money for a tattoo or book or food fund for you, but I would forgo my own minor luxuries (like fast food and tattoos) to make sure your cats make it out of your life in CA alive and happy.

  8. When I left CA I was shocked at how little I could actually take due to size of vehicles and etc. I left 70 percent of my stuff behind...I only vaguely miss moderate amounts of it....I should have opened my door and said "make me an offer" "moving sale" signs...and let people have at it. It will earn you some money, and it will allow you to release a lot of material baggage and attachments as well. Totally cathartic...and so much better than having no control over it, the way I did. Good Luck