Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Great big honkin’ book sale on the Livejournal!

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Bloody fucking hell, I think my COBRA ran out. Meaning I have no health insurance. Ugh! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I worked at my previous job. But at least it waited until I was in a somewhat good place emotionally. If it had happened a few months ago I’d probably have completely lost it. I’m hoping I can find a program in Alabama that will allow me to get my psychiatric medication. Or, at least, a psychiatrist on a sliding scale so I can sign up for a couple of months of free meds from the pharmaceutical companies that make them. No idea what I’ll do after those couple of months but… I’ll figure something out.

The more I talk to my future roommate, the more excited I am about the move. I’m still scared to death but the excitement actually surpasses the fear at times!

Mama’s doing really well. The vacuum packing has worked and her incision is finally healing up. They’re still expecting it to take another four months to close completely. She feels fine for the most part and gets along really well with her current roommate. She still struggles with feeling embarrassed when she needs to be changed. But she says the nurses are really kind and take good care of her.

Oh! Dude! Favor! I am in desperate need of some road trip music! So, if you’re bored and enjoy making mixes I would adore you forever if you sent me one! I love all kinds of music but for driving I need loud and fast, preferably. Rock, punk, hip-hop… Here’s the mail box address:

5917 Oak Avenue, #380
Temple City, CA 91780

Only if you want. But it would be awesome if you did. Because I have 2,100 miles to fill! And that is a lot of goddamn driving.


  1. Sorry I can't comment on your livejournal post, but I don't have an account to do it with!

    I would like:

    Zaftig ($10)
    The Diet Myth ($6)
    Queer Cowboys ($4)

    which comes to $20. My e-mail address for paypal is susan dot c dot rodriguez at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

  2. My husband had COBRA for whatever it is, 18 months, then got on Cal-COBRA which goes on for quite a while. Just FYI in case you didn't know about the second one, but maybe that's what is running out for you now, not sure. Good luck! - Lisa in Orange County