Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, since I’m leaving the state (knock on wood) I figured I should use up the rest of my gift certificate and the deposit I made over a year ago. Because I don’t know when I’ll be back in town. Meaning? New tattoo!

Super red, swollen, and pissed the fuck off.

It reads, “The coroner will find ink in my veins…” It’s based on the quote, “The coroner will find ink in my veins and blood on my typewriter keys.”

When he showed me what he came up with based on my consultation my verbatim response was, “Oh my god. I want to make hot dirty love to it!” And I do. It’s more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. Though the entire session felt like I was being carved at with razor blades and it burned for days after.

Because I tipped really well in the past, he charged me way less than he should have. Like, waaaaaaaaaay less. He wants a quick clean-up session to perfect the line work since I told him I didn’t know when I could have it colored in but I don’t think I can do that since I’m out of freebies. It’ll have to just stay imperfect for awhile. I love it, regardless.

My therapist asked why I got tattooed. And I said, I want to own my body, not just be a guest in it.

And now I present the best tattoo story ever.

Dude wants a portrait tattoo. The artist gives it to him. She asks no questions beforehand. She asks the question after the fact.

So who is this woman he just had tattooed on him?

His coworker.

And why did he get a tattoo of his coworker?

In hopes that she’ll be so impressed that she’ll finally agree to go out with him.


Dude, I’m fucking serious. Awesome.

(Also there's another new entry below this one.)


  1. I love this tattoo a LOT. Not enough to commit to putting it into my own skin, but I'd love to have it on a t-shirt.

  2. omg it's gorgeous

  3. So...did she go out with him or what?! (You are so badass!)

  4. Heidi, it's gorgeous, and so personal, and so uniquely you! I love it!

    My mom recently said that I need to do some soul-searching about why I "need" tattoos. I really like your answer.

  5. your tat is awesome! your mom is awesome! you're awesome!

    i wish your friends, the two you wrote of, understood what you're going through better. know that there are out here who do. i know what it's like to hardly be able to function because of crippling depression and outright terror at the concept of making changes.

    thing is (and i know you know this even if, like me, you don't like it) that life is change. without change we wither up and die, mentally, spiritually, and eventually, physically. the changes you're making are huge. fear is to be expected. but like your mom, you're strong and remarkable and rock the casbah.

  6. It's gorgeous! I've been thinking of you all week so I'm glad to see you updated.

  7. That's worse than your last tattoo. You have to live with it for the rest of your life and THAT's the best you can come up with?!!

  8. It seems to me the tattoos are just another way to draw attention to yourself and your suffering. Have you thought about how these tattoos, besides being a waste of energy and resources you supposedly don't have, may make it hard for you to find real employment or live any semblance of a normal life in your future?
    And I don't believe that your electricity gets shut off, yet you spend your deposit on another tattoo. People who say you are your own worst enemy are right.
    Although your disability will probably get cut off when(if, more likely) you move to Alabama, I hope it's a learning experience for you and one day you get your shit together.

  9. I'm really fucking late to the party on this, but that is one AWESOME tattoo. I love it, and wish I had thought of it first.