Monday, July 6, 2015

A Road Trip to Mt Rushmore

Since Matt had a three day weekend, we decided to go on a mini-road trip to Mt Rushmore and to see as many random roadside attractions as possible. Mission complete!

In Loveland, Colorado we found the Statue of Liberty and a giant chair.

Cell tower disguised as a buffalo.

The story of Emperor the Penguin is a depressing one. He lives in the lobby of a hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

In Douglas, Wyoming we tracked down the world’s largest jackalope! (They’re the self-proclaimed Jackalope Capital of the World.)

In Rapid City, South Dakota we came across another Statue of Liberty!

Unfortunately, Dinosaur Park had too many stairs for me to deal with given the pain I was already in.


South Dakota truly loves their buffalos.

Respecting Felix.


Check out them gams!

Me at every party ever.

I have no idea if this height disparity was accurate…

The stuff of nightmares.

Then you had all the unimportant Presidents treated like disembodied heads in washing machines.

4th of July at Mt much more grossly patriotic can you get!?

The beginning of the Chief Crazy Horse memorial.

But what I was most excited for on this trip?

Bizarre sculpture made of bikes in Pringle, South Dakota.

Driving down a dirt road for 10 miles led us to the memorial for a madam who was murdered in 1879.


I took way too many pictures of the sky on this trip but, really, can you blame me?

The end!


  1. Love the post! Especially Bedrock! That is so cool! About the men in knee socks, I found this on an 1800s clothing website:Pantaloons were recommended for men whose legs were both slim and muscular. The idea was to show off a good leg. If men possessed deficiencies in musculature, a slight degree of stuffing was recommended, although padding, it was assumed, would be used with the greatest care and circumspection.

  2. I'm impressed....I live in South Dakota and I wasn't even aware that half of that stuff existed! If you ever meander down again, you should go to Old McDonalds's a petting zoo. Can't get much better, right

  3. I am jealous. Your pictures are my road trip dreams.