Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Drive to Pike's Peak

My incredible friend Jen of Skinned Knees is a finalist for the BlogHer Experts Among Us Voices of the Year award and needs some help getting her amazing self to New York! Help her out, if you can! She's all about body acceptance, representation for queer women of color, and cats! I mean, come on, how could anyone be more perfect?!

Help get her amazing self to New York!


It was 95 in Denver on Sunday so we escaped by driving to the top of Pike’s Peak...where it was 52!  

But first, The North Pole!!!  We didn’t go inside the mini-amusement park (next time!) but it was an adorable place that I wish I could live in.

Behold the tree of ice cream and cupcakes!


Santa wants your sooooooul.

Devil’s Playground

So many pictures!  I know, I know, but I go out so rarely that I get excited!

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