Thursday, February 12, 2015

I was interviewed for a magazine article!  She was awesome and asked such great questions and felt so comfortable to talk with.  It’s about the realities of weight loss surgery, body acceptance, etc.   We talked about eating disorders, fat camp, oppression, self acceptance…  I really enjoyed the conversation.

I did kinda go off on about how I think the fat acceptance community has kinda lost its way a bit in that it now seems to be about nothing more than able bodied, pretty, cis, white women with hourglass figures, full makeup, and pretty clothes.  Which is awesome; I love seeing pretty fat girls in pretty clothes!  I love seeing women with high self esteems who don’t take shit for the way they look!  I think it’s huge to see your body reflected back to you and to finally feel not ashamed.  It makes me happy and inspires me!  I think posting pictures of your fat body is revolutionary.  It’s just…not enough.  And when you say that, you’re accused of jealousy.  A lot of inspiring and amazing people have distanced themselves from the community for these reasons and it just makes me sad.

Intersectionallity is important so I talked about the lack of that.  And not being exclusionary is important as well.  So I talked about how I completely disagree with excluding people who want to/are trying to lose weight.  Because people who  don’t like their bodies NEED THE COMMUNITY THE MOST.

Hopefully I didn’t make myself look like a total asshole because fat acceptance saved my life.  But I was honest.  And that’s really all I strive to be.

I’ve taken four big loads of trash to the dumpster and five loads to the donation box.  I put six boxes into the trunk of my car.  I’m hurting and tired but I keep repeating to myself, “I want to be with him I want to be with him I want to be with him.”  As I was loading the trunk it hit me hard…this is real.  This is really really real.  And I can’t fucking wait.


  1. My favourite photo magazine is - it's VERY good, the online version is free, and in addition to being fat-centric, there's some genuine diversity in terms of including disabled models, models of different races, some older models and gender-variant models too. They also have writing and art sections - you might want to check it out and look at the most recent call for written submissions.

    I agree with you about taking care not to exclude that point, activism becomes dogma. It's not accessible to the people who need it most, it's not open to engaging with its community.

  2. I look forward to reading this!