Thursday, December 26, 2013

I didn’t take my mood stabilizer for a week.  It’s my bedtime pill and I’ve been falling asleep on my own, before I take it.  Ugh, why is it so hard to do the only thing that will save me?  I went and set five alarms, one for each pill group I take daily.

I started taking a chair yoga class in the senior center and those flexible oldsters leave me in the dust!  I take that and then go swimming and am left sore and exhausted by the time I head home.  I need to get better about eating beforehand.  I’ve been getting dizzy in the pool because I go too long without food and that’s no good.

I have a lump on my stomach that my doctor can’t identify so I’m getting an ultrasound next month.  Sigh.  I’m looking forward to the new year because I’ll be able to see my chiropractor.  Yaaay.  But I’m not looking forward to having to meet my deductibles again.  Booo.

On Christmas Eve, a new nsa sex partner got arrested for weed on his way to come visit me.  On Christmas, I had to explain to my roommates the existence of dragon dick and crucifix dildos.  BEST BABY JESUS BIRTHDAY EVER!  I also had to explain to them what poppers are.

I actually spent the day on the verge of tears, hysterics, and panic attacks.  I felt empty, abandoned, unloved, and so alone.  It’s what caused me to realize I hadn’t been taking the aforementioned medication.  It was a shitty Christmas. 

But!  A friend sent me a box of pretty things including a bustier, teddy, bras, and a dress!  I never realized how sexy lingerie would make me feel!  And one of my roommates brought back amazing leftovers.  And I educated my roommates on sex toys.  So there was really good stuff too.  I think next year will be better.

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