Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Hair and Diving Back In!

Joy!  Thank you for the book donation!!

New hair color!  Blonde and light pink in the front, then darker pink, then an even darker pink.  It was the result of trying to fix a color fail but I’m digging it.

I have now made dinner twice with the CrockPot!  Neither looked the way they were supposed to and I had to tweak some things but! Oh my god!  Good! 

The most recent dinner was so good that the leftovers didn’t even last the night.  My roommate is such a good cook and it made me all proud that he loved it.

I’ve gotten back in the pool.  I swam 50 laps yesterday.  I should have taken it slower since I’ve not been recently; now my goddamn bicep is killing me.  Hopefully it’ll pass fairly soon.  The lifeguard told me that 72 laps is a mile!  Look at me go!  Now I have a goal.  Though I’m going to try hard to stay at a shorter distance for awhile.  Until my body can catch up and find 20-30 laps to be easy.

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  1. The hair color is uber cute! It suits you. Congratulations also on the cooking skillz...and the swimming goal. You are moving full-steam ahead these days and it shows.