Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beginning of Summer Awesomeness

Carter teaching me how to find honeysuckle on the side of the road in the middle of the night.

I got to taste a drop. One teeny tiny little dot of honey. The heat has dried out the rest but that one drop was heavenly. I was so excited that I shrieked, “OH MY GOD, I TASTED IT!!!” and then clapped my hands over my mouth to try to keep the taste in as long as possible.

Then Carter, Mel, and I headed to Bruster's for ice cream! Um, these are the “small.” I ended up having to dump most of it in a cup and take it home for later. Next time, child's size.

Amanda and I were going to head to the park to feed the fish and turtles. But it ended up being 97F and, um, yeah, fuck that noise. So, instead, we made sugar cookies. I decided we should just use a pre-made log of dough and fancy them up with icing and sprinkles.

I decided they should be dinosaurs. Then I decided we also needed a man to represent Jesus. And then decided we should make him Adam instead and that he, clearly, needed an Eve. Eventually it was Adam and Eve frolicking amongst the dinosaurs as a giant meteor hit Earth and annihilated them all. I wanted to tell a story through cookies here, people.

Then we took them out of the oven. Our magical story and grand, elaborate plans turned to cookie blobs in a matter of minutes. Amanda, being brilliant, decided it was the carnage after the meteor hit. I like that idea.

This is the horror and chaos that science causes! Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Goddamn you, Pillsbury. But I had fun, regardless. We decided to save the icing and sprinkles for next time when Amanda could actually make the dough instead of listening when I say stupid things like, “Hey, let's just buy it pre-made!” The woman is a food science major...she should know better than to listen to me.

Horizontal stripes! Gasp!


  1. weird fact about honeysuckle: it's yummy and fragrant and has a cute name, but it's actually one of the worst invasive species to hit the US. It grows so thick and so quickly that it essentially commits plant genocide wherever it decides to settle down. Many of my grade school community service trips were spent destroying honeysuckle infestations at various parks and nature preserves. Weird, huh?

  2. I love learning about all your are having so much fun...and I've always thought you were femme....your hair and your barrettes and all the cute things you love....Of Course, you are Femme...

  3. Lol i love how well endowed Adam (was). I can see his baked penis!