Friday, August 6, 2010

So! I’m alllllll excited. One of the people I adore most in the whole wide world is having a baby. I’m going to be an Auntie!!! Oh my god, I’m ecstatic. And and and the best thing? She, coincidentally, lives in Alabama so I’m not even going to have to be a long distance Auntie! As an only child this is totally extra exciting for me. Occasionally my biological clock is the size of Big Ben so having a baby in my life will probably calm that shit down.

I think I’m more excited than my friend and her husband. Probably because they have to deal with the whole “responsibility” thing while I can happily bounce up and down with no fear. I’m kind of worried about being able to fulfill my duties as a good Auntie. I mean, I don’t think I’ve even ever held a baby. And I’m kind of uncomfortable around kids. I always worry they can smell my fear. Regardless, it will be awesome. I’ve never really been a baby person but I am so fucking excited about this!

They’re building a Target four blocks from my house. I’m so glad I’ll be leaving that temptation behind! Target is so dangerous for me. I won’t even allow myself to go inside one because I just can’t be trusted there. Target and Ikea: kryptonite.

My gas is going to be shut off today. I’ve decided that, since I’m moving, I’d just let it happen. Because I need the money for the move so… Unfortunately that means I’ll be taking cold showers. Really not looking forward to that. Well, at least it’s summer! I’m hoping it won’t be as nightmarish as I’m expecting.

Speaking of summer… The other day it was 103 in Alabama. Good lord. Southern California ain’t got shit on the south. Egads. I might have to actually wear shorts in public. Something I haven’t done since I was, like, 14. I’m really going to have to get over the embarrassment I feel about my weird leg discoloration thingie.

A 15 year old kid hit on me. 15. 15! I’m 31. I could be this boys mother! Eesh. I likes ‘em young but come on now.

My mom found a nurse who needs furniture and an orderly who’s interested in buying my dad’s guitars. The woman is hustlin’!

I’m trying to work with my body. For instance, it’s 1am and I just got this completely random burst of energy. So instead of ignoring it I decided to go with it. I got two loads of trash taken out, 14 more boxes filled for the thrift store, four boxes moved down the stairs, and five bags filled with books for my mom’s nursing home. My back wants to kill me but at least I feel accomplished! And I’ve got 25 boxes total for the thrift store to pick up. That’ll be one more load of stuff out the door. I’ve donated 500+ books to various organizations at this point and I just keep finding more! I cannot wait for this house to be empty.

I’m trying to remain cautious with my excitement in case it blows up in my face but I really do feel as if this move is going to be an epically awesome thing for me. And I could use some epic awesomeness. New people and new places and new road trip destinations to explore! I mean, yeah, I’m scared to death and am going to have some major culture shock but it’s going to be an adventure. A deep fried southern adventure, at that.


  1. Fuck target. I'm never shopping there again. Not after they gave 150,000 dollars to anti-gay groups and fucking Tom Emmer (who is using some "kill the gays" christian rock band as his soundtrack for campaigning)

    Hey there rant.

  2. Yikes, cold shower? Not fun, not fun at all. Do you have a bathtub? Maybe you can go old school and take a bath.

  3. Another sign that moving to Alabama is the right thing for you to do. You will have fun being an is the BEST! Don't worry about the baby smelling your will be smelling the baby....LOL...(that's a joke, ok?) Good news about the furniture and guitars...hope they can move the furniture for you from upstairs....

  4. Aunts get to buy noisy presents and batteries, then go home.