Friday, July 18, 2014

So Much Good Stuff!

Last night was Indian buffet and Mary Poppins in the park.  I had so much fun!  Sitting on the grass destroyed my back but I’m calling it worth it.  I got lots of compliments on my dress, which made me happy!

I signed the lease and got my key!  I officially have a new apartment.  I’m going to be slowly taking my stuff over during the next couple of weeks and then bring in the furniture and be officially moved in at the beginning/middle of August.  I need to find someone with a truck or rent a trailer.  Luckily I have almost no furniture so that’ll be way easier than it could be.  I’m already aching to nest.  That probably won’t start until October when I’m back from my trip and can focus on cheap ways to decorate and make it feel like home.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it!  So unbelievably excited!!

Reasons I’m Thrilled: Pool, pest control, 24 hour maintenance, trash removal, pool, no holes in the floor, no mold, no rotten wood to step through, plumbing installed sometime this century, no raw sewage, no man with a gun under my bedroom, laundry room, fitness room, living alone, pool, pool, pool!

I got a nerve block injection and it helped a lot.  If I switch around what kind I get, they’re covered (high copay) so hopefully the next type will help as well.

It’s been six months but I actually have a cell phone again.  It’s even a little fancy!  And by “fancy” I mean “not a flip phone.”  I discovered I can read books on it and, man, that’s exciting!

I finally saw Sharknado!!!!!!  In the theater!  With Rifftrax!  I went with a girl who messaged me on OKCupid.  I was all brave and was like, HEY STRANGER WANT TO GO ON A PLATONIC LADY DATE WITH ME TO SEE A HORRIBLE MOVIE!??!  Look at me being social and leaving the house twice in one week!  Also, when did Steve Sanders become so fuckable?  God damn!

For the third time someone broke into our house when I was in it.  Dude, seriously.  This time they stole my roommate’s Playstation.  Because I didn’t hear anyone come in - even though I was in the bedroom with my door open - the police think I did it.   So that was fun!  They searched my room (I hope they enjoyed the drawer filled to the brim with sex toys) and told me 3x that if this is a civil matter because he owes me money, I need to tell them now.  And 2x that I could be charged with filing a false police report.  Oh and that they’ll be checking pawn shops and if anything shows up they’ll be back.  Good times!  So happy I’m leaving this place.

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  1. I told you those roommates were no good.