Thursday, February 13, 2014

Plain Ol' Yay

My online moralities class is going well.  I’m really enjoying it.  There are two weeks left and I currently have an A.  I mean, the grade is technically pointless since it’s not showing up on any transcript or anything but it’s a good gauge of how I’m doing in terms of note taking, reading the assignments, watching the lectures, etc.  I mean, it’s not really since this course has no work, just a weekly quiz that’s, obviously, “open book.”  But still I’m doing better than expected which is a pleasant surprise!  Plus I really am enjoying the lectures and the professor in general. 

I signed up to take Buddhism & Modern Psychology starting in March.  I’m a bit more worried because that’s through Princeton and has two essay assignments.  But, again, I could fail and no one would ever know so I’m not  that worried.  Plus it’d be interesting to see how someone from Princeton would grade my writing.

Look at the postcard I received!  Eeeeeeee!  It made me so happy!  And it’s on my wall in a place of honor next to Divine and Maleficent!


By Pretty Sick Art.  I love it!

When I’m active, I get a full STI screen in January and June.  A little late this time but all clean I'm STI-free.  Which is always a nice way to start the day!  (A very lovely reader pointed out that using the term "clean" implies that those who do have STIs are "dirty."  Which I would never ever want to do.  Thank you so much for that!)

I made chicken fajitas in the Crockpot.  It was so easy and smelled incredible for hours while I quietly salivated and waited for it to be ready.  It was just a packet of “fajita seasoning” with a couple of other things tossed in but it was delicious!  My roommate approved and says it’s definitely got to go on the To Make Again list

The Adderall my psychiatrist prescribed me has been having an amazing impact on my life.  I have energy and feel motivated.  I start and finish things.  I read and write more.  I’ve been more social because the exhaustion is lifted a bit.  I feel the need to act and do and move!

Aside from my finances, life is pretty damn good right now.


  1. Hey! Good to hear you are STD free, that's always a good test result to get. I was wondering if you might consider changing your language about "clean"? People who get STDs are not "dirty." I know you weren't implying that at all, but I think in general "STD-free" is always good language to adopt, rather than "clean."

    Rock on :)

    1. You are absolutely right! I've never thought about that before so thank you! I'm going to make an edit right now. <3