Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been feeling poorly. I know it's a lack of medication but I don't see my new psychiatrist until the 17th. Ugh. Just trying to hold on and push through until then.

Pam: This may cheer you up: 25 Pictures of Jack Nicholson Not Giving a Fuck I direct your attention to number 16
Me: AHHAHA incredible
Me: i also like 25

Pam: He truly just does not give a fuck
Me: its amazing
Pam: Don't worry about it, Jake. It's . . . bitchtits
Me: 25 is like what i aspire to
Me: topless and saggy on a boat
Me: eatin a sammich
Pam: Not giving a FUCK
Me: it could only be improved if, in the exact same picture, he was receiving a blowjob. but still had the sandwich and same exact look on his face
Pam: Oh, sweet innocent Heidi. YOU ASSUME HE IS NOT?


  1. It is his very not giving a fuck that makes me find Jack Nicholson very attractive, that and he looks like he would do anything to you and it would be epic, dirty and epic.

  2. Is everything okay in light of the whole hurricane business?

  3. "Not giving a fuck!"
    ...they should make a documentary about it, and how to do it....