Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Water chestnuts love me back.

I hate to ask but does anyone have a webcam they don’t need? I have one but it doesn’t work on my laptop. The nutritionist has eating exercises that require me to be seen by her so I thought I’d ask if anyone had an old one they no longer use. If not, no worries! I run on Windows XP, by the way. Thank you, Greg!!

And if anyone else needs a cam, I’ll send you mine. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it than I do! Just call dibs and it’s yours.

I got too excited at the library and took out too many books. I always forget that my brain isn’t focusing or working the way it used to and I can’t plow one or two books in a day. I have trouble focusing enough to get a book read in a week. And that’s hard for me because reading used to be my greatest pleasure. Sigh. Stupid brain.

I also have trouble watching new things. There are all these shows and movies I want to watch but I can’t focus enough to do so. Instead I just rewatch things I’ve seen a hundred times because my brain doesn’t need to work as hard…if at all. It’s weird. I don’t know. Hopefully it’ll pass.

In happier news, the cleaning of my bedroom is coming along nicely. I might not post before pictures but I’ll definitely let you see the after. It’s nothing special but it’ll be tidy!


  1. do you still have your cam? i can't get mine to work either :(

  2. Would you like to give mine a try?? I'd be happy to send it your way. Maybe you'd have better luck with it. If so, just drop me an email with your mailing info and it's all yours. =) thesugarmonster @ gmail DOT com