Monday, September 21, 2015

Wow, it’s been over a month!  I just haven’t been in the mood to write, I suppose.  So let’s play catch up!

Last month I had my gallbladder yoinked!

“Why isn’t Jesus wearing a hairnet?” - Matt

Prep was difficult as they couldn’t get the goddamn IV in me.  Rather, they’d get it in and the vein would immediately close on them.  When I woke up, I had three massive bruises on the back of each hand and several up both forearms from them sticking me and digging in before and during surgery, hoping a vein would cooperate.  Before being wheeled in, the surgeon stopped by to check in on me.  He told me he likes to pray with his patients and would it offend me if he did so.  I said it wouldn’t (because it doesn’t) so the whole surgical team joined the circle.

The surgery was more difficult than expected; it lasted an hour longer than anticipated and required two additional holes in my abdomen.  The doctor said my gallbladder was baaaaaad and had 100s and 100s of stones in it.  It was so bad that he told Matt how horribly he felt for me because of the misery and pain I must have been in.

The surgical pain was pretty bad for a week and a half or so but it’s definitely improved some of my ongoing issues!  No more constant nausea and diarrhea!  It’s a miracle!  I had NO idea how bad the pain was until it was gone.  I’m currently on antibiotics because two of my wounds are a bit infected and not healing how they should so I have four more days of those and a wound care routine I’ve fallen into.  They’re definitely improving more rapidly now so yay for that!  A few days after the operation, I sent the surgeon a thank you card.  He said it was the first time he’s ever been thanked for removing an organ!

I’ve been pushing myself to leave the house more lately!  It’s been easier without the constant nausea.  And my social anxiety has calmed down quite a bit!  Possibly the lowest it's been in a decade.  Which is odd but amazing.  Between my chiropractor, massage therapist, and pain doctor, my agony has lessened so much!  The difference between six months ago and now in terms of blows me away.

I dragged Matt to Dinosaur Ridge.

Raptor teeth RAWR!


America, fuck yeah!

Time for the bus tour!

The next weekend we went to a marathon of the first three Jurassic Park movies at the Alamo Drafthouse.  I, of course, wore my Dino DNA shirt and a dinosaur hairclip.  Because, obvs.  And then he dragged me to the lake.

(Lakeside reading: a queer and kink retelling of Peter Pan by my amazing friend.)

Hi, I’m chalk white.

If my pain levels cooperate, we’re going to the Natural Science Museum this weekend.  Cannot wait.  I’m trying so hard to get out of the house and enjoy life.  It’s not always easy but, god damn, I think it’s worth it.

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