Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well.  I’m in Colorado!

God, it’s been a long fucking month.  After a month of packing and trashing and donating and stressing beyond belief, I left Alabama.  The first night was a horror show.  The last thing I expected while driving through the south was for the roads to be covered in snow and ice. Have I mentioned I've never driven on snow or ice? I basically spent eight hours in near hysterics, hunched over and holding onto the steering wheel so tightly I had a rock between my shoulder blades for days and clenching my teeth so hard my jaw throbbed. I had a breakdown on the phone with Matt over how I can't do it, my car wont make it, oh my god this was a horrible idea. To the point that he offered to fly down to Arkansas and drive the rest of the way if I felt that way in the morning (God, he's so good to me.)  I just kept telling myself, “Get to him.  Just get to him.  You can do this.  You want to be with him.  Just get there.”

Friday was much better. When I left the motel, the sun was bright and had melted almost all of the snow and the city had cleared off the roads and freeway. It was a long and physically painful drive but I finally made it to Kansas City, MO. I took painkillers, got in bed with the kitties, and put on crappy TV.  I met up with a friend I’ve known online for, like, a decade and…bow chicka bow wow.

Saturday morning, Matt flew in and, oh my god yes, he took over the driving.  At one point my check engine light came on and we took it to Auto Zone to get looked at and their diagnostic showed something minor so we managed to get home with no problem.  (The light ended up going off a couple of days ago.)

There were no adventures on this trip!  Just me trying to get here as quickly as possible.  And the cats ripping me open every time I had to put them in the carrier.  Blood everywhere!

It’s been a few days but I think I’m still in recovery mode.  But the apartment’s really nice and the tub is massive and the new bed has really helped my pain levels.  And, most importantly, I’m with Matthew.

I’m excited for this next stage of my life.  Of our lives.

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