Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Halloween Countdown Has Begun!

It’s Halloween tiiiiiiiiime!  Dollar store decor fo’ life!

I like dressing up the flamingos for holidays.

Pho, Thai beer, frozen yogurt, and cross stitch made for a perfect evening.  And Fatty Patty fell madly in love with her Auntie Carter!  We definitely need another Craft Night soon.

I made this to go above my bed.  Mwahahaha!  #slut

I saw my therapist the other day.  We talked a lot about my ex roommate and the situation I felt stuck in.  I said, “I don’t understand why the hell I got in that situation.”  “Because you have a huge heart and you wear that heart on your sleeve.  You see the best in everyone.”  “I just…I like that of me, I don’t want to lose that.  And she said, “You can have a bleeding heart without bleeding yourself to death.  You’re kind and giving but you can be cautious and protect yourself and still keep those parts of you.”

She goes on maternity leave at the end of the month.  I can see another therapist while she’s gone but only if it’s an emergency.  Which I totally understand as the clinic is always swamped but still…it makes me a bit nervous.  I believe the therapy group is going to be run by another therapist in her absence.  I haven’t been to individual therapy in several months and my trip plus constant car trouble means I haven’t been to  group in five weeks.  I don’t even know if I’m even still allowed/wanted back at this point.  Getting my bearings and refocusing on my mental (and physical) health was definitely one of my bigger goals after returning from the trip.

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