Thursday, October 23, 2014

Carter had a lovely get together around the fire pit.  S’mores!  I will take any excuse I have in order to wear dresses and get fancy-ish!

Look at me leaving the house!  It was so nice being around people; I forget how much I need that, even when it’s difficult and anxiety-provoking.

I’ve returned to the gym as of Monday!  I’ve been getting up at between 5am and 6am, rolling out of bed and throwing on clothes, heading out, and biking for several miles.  Once I even went back in the afternoon and biked some more.  I also started chair yoga!  Those old people leave me in the dust but I still like it.  At the end, while we have our eyes closed and are relaxing, the instructors come around, put hot towels around our necks and give us shoulder massages!  So, obviously, that makes it even better.  It leaves me exhausted and sore and relaxed and all stretched out.  I’m definitely going to try to make both yoga classes each week.  I live a lot closer to the gym now which, I think, helps a lot.  Also, weird sudden rush of energy and motivation and happiness!  So I’m trying to take massive advantage of that!

My former living situation was severely toxic and I’m 1000x times happier now that it’s over and done with.  It’s like a massive weight off my shoulders.  I still walk in my apartment sometimes and think, “This is mine.  MINE.” and get a huge, goofy smile on my face.

I’m preparing for Halloween!  Every year I say I’m going to plan ahead of time but, man, October snuck up on me!  But I did decorate for the first time and I think I can finish with my costume before the party I’m attending.  I’m making the whole damn thing…and can’t sew, so this will be interesting!  I only need it to stay together for one night!  Just last long enough for one picture, damn it! I can do this!  Even if the whole thing is held together by glue, staples, and prayer!

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