Monday, August 11, 2014


Well, I am officially moved!  I was moved Thursday afternoon and took these Friday morning, I think.  I consider them “before” pictures.

I scrubbed and put away everything that came from the kitchen in the trailer.  When I was moving it all I couldn’t help but think I had way too much shit.  But then realized, if I could unpack in less than two hours…I really don’t have much stuff.  I’m not sure what I want to do in the dining room; I like having open space but that seems a waste.  Maybe more shelving.  And somehow prettify/hide the cat box.  I have a lot of art to put on the walls.

My friends are going to help me paint my bedroom (and maybe bath) blue and do an ocean theme in the bedroom and I want to do a shark theme in the bathroom.  I need some underbed storage and to buy some baskets/bins to put underwear and bras in.

So, yeah, this is my fresh start!


  1. I LOVE THIS. Is there any way you can wall-mount the bookshelf in the dining room? That way you can fit a cute dinette set in there with four chairs! I bet you can easily fit a two-seater in there as it is, though. Anyway...YAYYY CONGRATS!!! <3

  2. It looks like a great space! Congrats!

  3. What a homey nest! There are so many things I love, like the suitcase nightstand. I'm glad you have a safer, nicer place to live.

  4. You have cats, and yet also, figurines? How? HOW??

    1. For some reason they never climb on things! Little weirdos!

  5. So happy you have a nice, safe new place! It's always a little bit easier to support all the stuff going on inside our heads when what's outside is a good, comfortable space. :)