Friday, May 9, 2014

Mali Mali Mali!  I can’t thank you enough!  You made me cry in the best way possible.  I wish I could hug you to pieces!

I just wasn’t feeling it so I took a mini break from the sexin’.  Which I’m really proud about!  It used to be difficult/impossible for me to say “no” because I was so afraid I’d never get asked again.  It was only a few weeks but it was nice to realize that I now actually listen to my feelings and desires and do what’s right for me.  And my sex drive is back now, which is really nice, and I had a great time last night.  I didn’t compromise my feelings or needs in order to please someone else.  Yay!

I put down a deposit for a new apartment.  I’ll be moving the beginning of August.  Excited but terrified!  A friend of mine works in the leasing office and is hooking me up with some deals so it’s the best place for me to be moving into right now.

The last move I made consisted of everything I could fit in my car.  It’ll be interesting to see how many carloads of stuff I’ve acquired in the last 3.5 years!  In addition to a couple of pieces of furniture.  I need to start purging shit like crazy; this place is tiny.  TINY.  Hobbit-hole tiny.  My bed is going to take up the entire bedroom but I’m hoping that there’s enough space that getting to the bathroom doesn’t require people having to climb over it.  I’m going from a place with nine built in drawers in my bedroom alone to having none.  Sigh.  I’m going to have to get creative.

It’s also not the…safest of places.  Hopefully slightly less dangerous than the trailer park.  Though I know there was a killing a few years back.  On the plus side, my friend is going to make sure I get into the section that’s mostly families and grad students.  So, god willing, that’ll make a slightly better situation for me.

I’m hoping I can save up money and be able to afford the deposit/move in for somewhere bigger when my lease is up next summer.  But, in the meantime?  Hi, no roaches, no holes in the floor, and no raw sewage!  I was gonna say, “no men with guns hiding under my bedroom” but, well…

In shitty news, $400 was stolen from me.  It’s a long story but that’s the end result.  This is especially bad timing because I need to a) finish paying the deposit on the new place, b) come up with $800 by August for move-in, and c) come up with money for plane tickets to California to be in a beloved friend’s wedding in September.  I kinda just wanna scream until I’m mute.

On the plus side, once the new year starts I should be able to get my financial shit in order.  Which will be heavenly.  It’s just the next six months that might kill me!

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