Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving On

Monday night a man with a gun was hiding from the cops under my trailer. They think there’s another gun under there but refuse to crawl under it because there’s raw sewage everywhere. I have to relay to the park manager that they’re going to call in the health department if it isn’t fixed immediately. I’ve been telling him for weeks and weeks that it reeks of sewage in my hall and we have gnats everywhere with zero action being taken.

I cannot fucking wait to get out of this fucking hell hole owned by a slumlord. And that move is happening in August because it’s been sold and is so shitty that they’re just closing the park down. Which means they have even less reason to fix anything here. They’re just letting the place crash and burn. The park “manager” even took his phone number off the office door. I managed to track him down and told him what happened. He could not have possibly cared less.

Supposedly it’ll be closed down by November. None of us have been notified but it’s made it’s rounds through the park. And even if it isn’t, any push I need to get out of here is a good thing to believe. I have a few rentals to look at. Carter is being my salvation and not allowing me to shut down, which is my usual response to big changes. I put everything off until the last minute, everything blows up in my face, I go into panic mode, and nearly fall apart.

Even though I’m terrified (OH GOD CHANGE), I’m also very excited! A new place! Somewhere I can nest and create the home I want. Somewhere without raw fucking sewage, robberies, stabbings, fights, drug deals, roaches, mold, holes in the floor, and where I’m not left for three days with no working toilet on several occasions. This place is a nightmare.

Pain has been off the charts this last month. I haven’t been able to see the chiropractor in a month or so due to it not being covered but I can go back in May. The pain was so bad last week that I went in and paid out of pocket. I’m hoping that between the chiropractor and being more consistent with the gym, I can get my pain back to something manageable. Fingers crossed.

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