Sunday, December 8, 2013

We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Well, my birthday happened!  I’m the big three-five.  Some friends took me to lunch and  then we headed to the bar to watch football.  Oh god, it was so cold.  It was in the low to mid 40s and I was freezing.  People walking around in t-shirts while I was shivering under an overcoat, scarf, and mittens.  Yes, yes, yes, I know it's not cold for you people with snow and negative numbers but oh my god I'm so not acclimated to this!  The game was pretty damn exciting and entertaining!  I didn't really understand exactly what was going on. (I just can't seem to retain the football information my wonderful and very patient friends give me.)  But it was fun anyway!  And, once I buckled under loving pressure, I got yanked into the middle of post success revelry!  Let’s make a list as to how many of these activities pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

1) Leaving the house. 
2)Leaving the house on a weekend.
3) Going somewhere on a weekend with the possibility of it being crowded.
4) Going to a bar on a weekend.
5) Football.
6) People I don't know.
7) Crowds.
8) Crowds of college kids.
9) Crowds of drunk college kids.

But I did it!  And, you know what?  As long as I stick to away games (which will be less chaotic than home games), I could totally see myself doing it again.  I'm surprised too!

My phone camera sucks - super disappointing - so, as per usual, I yoinked pictures from others.


Now presenting a truly amazing gift from Carter.  She had me drawn as a cat!

Dude.  Dude.

She told the artist she wanted me as a cat with pink hair, wearing a dress, riding a T-Rex side-saddle, with my cats, under a rainbow, and shooting lasers from my tits.

Again, say it with me, DUDE!  Really, could anything encapsulate more of who I am?  No, no it could not.  I need to frame that sucker and hang it on the wall immediately!

Oh, and I got some amazing sex during the couple of days prior to my birthday!  I told them it was my birthday week so they’d better bring their A-game and, god, did they ever.  If 35 continues along this course…could be  the greatest year evaaaah!

(Scarf is from Yummy You, a company owned by a truly wonderful girl I’ve known on the webbernets for a decade.  Dinosaur with a cupcake shirt from Shirt Woot!)

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