Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Hair and Cute Pets

Since I’ve been asked so many times, I really want to make a How to Have Unnatural Hair Colors entry with pictures and instructions from start to finish.  But I forget every damn time until it’s too late!  I actually put an alarm on my calendar so, in a couple of months, I’ll (god willing) do it finally.

New hair!

We had a foster doggie for a few days!

He was a big sweet snugglebunny but was super destructive.  It definitely made me realize that there is no way in hell I’m healthy enough or have enough energy to bring a new dog into the mix.

All animals seem to like to jump on my bed and wedge themselves between me and my laptop or just flop on top of me.

I’ve been trying to push myself harder to write more of my therapy entries (they’re locked) and deal more with my abundant issues.  Sometimes there’s a lot of crying when I write but I think that just adds to the catharsis.  I might post them here once I feel a little less raw.


  1. I just needed to say how much I appreciate your blog - your courage, your openness, your ways. You often make me glad that I have a computer - I feel in you a kindred spirit.....Just needed to THANK YOU, give thanks for you. Sending hugs......