Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meow Meow

You Know You’re Crazy When…  I handed a new psychiatrist my list of medications, she did a double take, her head jerked back, and her eyes bugged out because of how long said list is.  And all those are just barely keeping my shit together!

You Also Know You’re Crazy When…  The people at the pharmacy recognize my voice.

I fell off the swimming wagon but now I’m back and miss it every day I don’t go.  I’m going to try to go 3x a week but I’ll consider 2x a week a success.  Hell, even 1x is a success!

I'm having...side effects with my meds.  But I'm on so many I have no idea what is causing what. They aren't continuous, they come and go but always come back.  I see my psychiatrist in a month so I'll talk about it then.  If they get really severe I'll try to get in earlier, which has a very low probability.

My most used and beloved handbag broke a few weeks ago.  I mean, it ruled.  There wasn’t a single time in the many years I used it that I didn’t get complimented on it everywhere I took it.  RIP.  So, I needed a replacement!

Crazy Cat Lady: Level 2

Yay pissed off cat face purse!  It’s rather small but too awesome to not use!

Books Read in August
Meaty by Samantha Irby of Bitches Gotta Eat (Truly one of, if not the, best and most hilarious writers I’ve ever come across; every single blog entry makes me cackle.)
Cavedweller by Dorothy Allison (I still can’t believe it took me this long to discover Dorothy Allison.)
The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (God, no one does a dystopian future as well as she does!)
Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life by Steve Martin
Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex by Pat Califia
Bossypants by Tina Fey
Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Movies Discovered in August
Vantage Point
A Bronx Tale

TV Discovered in August
NASCAR (I’m still stunned that I actually enjoyed it! Welcome to The Dirrrty South!)
Ink Master
Bar Rescue
Tattoo Nightmares
Tattoo Rescue
(Can you tell my roommate got cable?)


  1. I WANT a mean cat face purse too!

    I was in Target the other day and the lady at the pharmacy counter caught my attention and called me over. She said, "What's your name?" I hesitantly told her and she said, "Do you remember me?" She looked familiar. She said I worked at Fred Meyer Pharmacy in the 80's!!! I did remember after she had told me that. We chatted for a bit & caught up. So, yeah, I know the feeling of everyone knowing your name at the pharmacy and then some! Hope that makes you feel a bit better :-)

    On another note, I was watching, "The Chew" today and they were talking about a new cook book one had just completed & it made me think about your list of books for the kids library and I wondered if you had approached, through facebook, celeb chefs to see if they will donate their cook books for the kids library. Just a thought. Good luck.

  2. Oh, that's a really great idea! I might try to make that as a project!

  3. I have started picking books to read just off your lists and have been delighted with the results. I would love it if you made a "Heidi's List of Books That Every Woman Should Read". You are certainly the most well read person I know (and I know women with graduate degrees in Literature).

    1. I am so flattered!!! It's funny, I can track my depression based on how many books I read. When it's only a few, it means I had a BAD month. I should totally make a list! Do you have a Good Reads account? You can see all the books I've read since 2008(ish)!