Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey you guys!

A friend of mine who works at a jail for juveniles is looking to build their library. Books saved my life and I want to give that opportunity to as many people as possible. And I know some of you have had the same experience. I went ahead and put their desired books on an Amazon wishlist so I can buy one or two a month. If you'd like to help, that would be amazing! Used books are totally wanted and I added a couple to the wishlist that weren’t specified by the therapists so do feel free to get something you think would be appropriate and helpful. Please drop me a line and I'll give you my address for used books or books not bought off Amazon.

Let's make this library as kick ass and therapeutic as possible!

If you have used books that follow the below guidelines, they're super welcome too.  Also!  Since it’s a library, duplicates are awesome as well.

- cookbooks. cookbooks are in high demand. (used cookbooks are fine.) the boys sometimes learn how to cook as a part of life skills in treatment and they burn through cookbooks quickly. (not literally.)

- mysteries. the boys love these, apparently. the librarian told me "mysteries that aren't like james patterson" would be best. maybe that's meaningful information to those of you who know that author.

- car books. without pictures of scantily clad women.

- sports books. (see note above about scantily clad women.)

- AVOID: books that involve sex crimes, violence (specifically towards women), graphic sex scenes, murder, abuse, etc. keep in mind the boys here are ages 11 - 18 and have had quite traumatic lives so far.


I ♥ you guys so much.

Oh my god, Stephanie K, you have no idea how bouncy happy I was when I saw the books you were amazing enough to buy for this project!  I want to hug you so badly!

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