Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Small Bump in the Road

(curvesome.creativity! I’m not ignoring your question; just putting some thought into it!)

God, I always always ALWAYS forget how fast I can spiral when I miss two or three days of medication. It's this weird (and erroneous) belief that, hey, drugs probably stick around in my system so I don't have to worry about a couple of days here and there, right!? RIGHT!? Um, no. Not so much.

I mean, I guess it's like telling someone with diabetes to not worry about missing several days of insulin. Or that I shouldn't have to take Advil when I have a splitting headache because I took some three days ago. I have four alarms set on my phone and I actually manage to forget to take them by the time I turn the alarm off. So the new plan is to NOT turn the alarm off until the meds/vitamins are taken.

I have no idea what my mental block is about. I know part of it is just plain forgetfulness due to how fucked my memory is now. But there's probably a part of me that resents having to take so many fucking pills in order to not want to die. I do appreciate them. Without them I wouldn’t have survived. I guess I’ll try the alarm plan and, hopefully, that’ll solve the issue.

In adorable news…seven damn months in the making.

I totally hope to one day find them all snuggling together.


  1. Please take your meds. I know it can be hard, I suck at taking mine sometimes but you really need to just like I really need to. I love you

  2. awwwww pets! so cute.

  3. What about putting the pills right beside the first thing you do in the morning? Unless the first thing is to take the damned pills!

  4. Awww, your aminals are so precious.

  5. I missed my meds for four days this week and had a meltdown. I totally think the same thing, oh, I can go a few days without, NBD, and then life starts to suck really hard, really fast.

    So, totally feeling this atm. Thanks for keeping posting.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it, and realize that what I asked is probably pretty tough. So thanks, again. I feel kind of flattered that you're not only aiming to answer, which is enough already, but also being extra thoughtful about it! Take your time, and take care of yourself, first and always.

    1. You're very sweet and understanding! I appreciate that so much!