Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I’ve joined the local sportsplex!  I went for a tour yesterday and the place is awesome.  Brand new everything, completely accessible, helpful staff, a ton of options…  The pool is even zero depth entry, which means no stairs and nothing I can be too heavy for.  I ended up talking to the instructor who runs the senior classes and asked if it would be possible for me to join them because I really need to start at my current abilities.  He said I totally could and then showed me all the senior classes.  Fuck man, there’s yoga, weights, cardio, stretching, a class for bad backs, a class for arthritis, etc.  Everything I want, at a pace I can handle.  Being able to start slower is a huge factor in my going or not.  It’s gonna be me and the oldsters, kickin’ ass and takin’ name! 

I’m nervous but excited.  My body is going to be so much happier when I move and stretch and strengthen it.  It’ll be hard to pay the $44 a month BUT I know it’s going to be so good for me and be such a wonderful investment in my health.  I just need to be patient with myself.  As my lovely friend, Keila, said, “It's gonna be a process, you know?  You're gonna ask your body to do stuff, repetitively, that it hasn’t done in a long time.  So as long as you’re both patient with yourself and consistent, you'll be golden.”

It was bad enough finding out that my roommates heard me having sex but then I found out they were at the end of the driveway and still heard me clearly.  They’d guess that neighbors across the way would have heard me if they’d stepped outside.  Like, not joking.  They mentioned my windows being wide open and I realized I must have turned the fucking handles the wrong way and opened them fully instead of closing them.  Oh my god.  I turned BLOOD RED.  Like, burning hot.  Everyone thinks it’s hilarious when  I blush and, usually, I don’t know it’s happening.  But this time?  I was blushing so hard my face was bright red and like fire! 

The next night they heard me from the living room but, god damn it, we’re all adults here and I have to trust the fact that if it made them uncomfortable or whatever they’d leave.  Which is what they’ve told me repeatedly while I tried to juggle things so I only have sex when the place is empty.  But I’m totally accepting that now because they’ve, obviously, already heard everything anyway.  Music.  Music really needs to happen when I get lucky.


  1. Part of the roommate experience is hearing your roommates having sex, for pete's sake :). It's easy for me to say don't let it worry you, but honestly, when I hang out with my former roommates (who are now dear friends, even years later), some of the funniest stories we tell when we have had a few too many are about the ridiculous things we over-heard.

    If people can't stand it, they should either a. not live with roommates or b. find roommates who aren't getting any.

    that being said, part of being a considerate partner is being sensitive to your, uh, co-sexer's (?) living situation. You shouldn't have to host every time to get lucky-- and, if they live alone or with more privacy, they should man/woman up and have you over by default. Good sex requires that you don't worry about being too loud. Demand that respect! :)

    Hope DBT is going well- as someone who went through it for a year, I am hopeful it can help you. I have very mixed feelings about the program, but when it is helpful it is VERY helpful. You just gotta take the crazy with the good, and wait for a good group to come along. I wish I'd been more vocal about getting into a group that didn't stress me out and make me dread going.

    Keep on keeping on! I've read you on and off for years and am rooting for you. Stick with the being kind to your body, and the rest starts to fall gently into place. It's hard to hate something you nurture, as every mom and pet owner knows :).

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you are having regular sex! Way to go Heidicakes!

  3. You made me laugh. Yes, living in a mobile home or RV park, whether it is for all ages or just seniors can be an "interesting" obstacle.

  4. Congratulations on managing to get yourself on the first step towards the pool. I started in Jan with joining the Y for a 'yoga for round bodies' class, which I call my 'Yoga for Fat Broken people' and it was awesome to just have directed movement. Seniors classes are awesome, and the pool is /so much win/. Hell, just laying there floating feels /so good/ on those days of never ending ache. <3 and good moving!