Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to organize my writing because it is not linear. I generally have a handful of entries I want to write about that I jump back and forth between. But since I currently have so much I want to write, I’ve been struggling to find a way to keep things visible and easy to flip between. So I asked for suggestions and everyone recommended Scrivener. I downloaded the trial a few days ago and am in crazy love with it! I haven’t even explored 98% of it and it’s already helping me write more and feel more organized. Throwing it out there in case any of you writerly types could use some assistance!

A couple of weeks ago my hands started hurting. No. Scratch that. “Hurting” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have never felt pain like this. This was fire and needles. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t do anything other than squeeze them together and scream into my pillow. I started doing carpal tunnel/peripheral neuropathy exercises which helped at times. I went to see my pain specialist and he increased my nerve blocker by a lot. Then he had them do a nerve test on my hands. It was such a cool thing! She put electrodes on my head and said, “You have such good brain waves!” Which was a damn awesome compliment! Anyway, so yeah, electrodes on my head and hands, sending pulses into my nerves, causing my hands to twitch. Once the neurologist looks at it, I should be getting a call.

I’m very pleased to say that a combination of the nerve blockers and doing the hand exercises numerous times a day have helped immensely. My hands still flair up repeatedly through the day and night but it’s actually a manageable amount of pain. These are the exercise videos I like most.

I really like her and I have a lot of her videos saved:

I also have a bunch of his saved in my agony playlist:

I’m so goddamn happy the pain can be controlled.

On Facebook they have this thing called Bitstrip and you make an avatar of yourself and place it in scenes with or without other avatars. Dude. How accurate is this?

For some reason I can’t pinpoint, after two years of drought, my sex life has exploded. I’ve somehow acquired several lovahs, all of whom are very focused on my pleasure and on getting me off. I’m sure it’ll taper off or stop all together at some point but I’m trying to just focus on it being currently awesome. One is a neighbor in the trailer park who, to my utmost surprise, is the best lover I’ve ever, ever, ever had. Holy shit. He fucking worships my body and fucks and eats me out for hours. It’s madness! We’re going to be attempting a two times a week arrangement.

Oh, ha, some kid on fetlife sent me a message wanting to fuck, saying he’d always wanted to be with “an older woman.” I’m “an older woman.” I have crossed a line and there’s no going back! Nothing ever came of it but there’s a tiny part of me that wept a little at my new title.

Well, I’m sick and cranky and phlegmy so I bid you adieu for now.

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