Saturday, February 16, 2013

Health Update!

Sadly, not very much has been going on around these parts! Dealing with the landlady and fighting her for every fucking repair. It's fucked when you know you could go to the health department but then you'd have nowhere to live. I'm trying to be assertive but sweet with a side of thankful. That woman is dancing on my last nerve!

I'm going to get the health crap out of the way and then, god willing, update more regularly!

I've been diagnosed as having ADD. My psychiatrist is having me take Vyvanse. It was approved a year ago and he says it's better than Adderall. No crash and way fewer side effects. Also it stays in your bloodstream and builds as opposed to take pill BOOM high. He called it “Adderall's big brother.” So we'll see how it goes. The last few days on it have been noticeably different. I find myself focusing on things fully and feeling calmer and more optimistic. It's weird. But in a completely wonderful way.

I've been having MASSIVE mystery bruising for the last month or so. I'm talking bruises on my legs the size of my hands. As well as large and small ones on thighs and arms. I finally went to the doctor and he tested my iron levels as well as b12, cholesterol, vitamins, thyroid, etc. And except for low vitamin D, they all came back as normal. No answers. I'm supposed to keep an eye on it and if it's still occurring in three months, go back in. My guess is it's poor circulation due to lethargy, which just gives me further reason to start moving my body more.

Speaking of crippling agony, I think I'm going to get an injection at the pain doctor's office. They do epidurals and nerve blockers so I'm going to start with the former. I'm trying to contain my excitement until I find out whether it works or not! Aiming to get that done next month. Fingers crossed!

In miraculous and non-health related news, I was actually social four nights in a week! That's some impressive shit for me! I had amazing sex (honestly, the best I've ever had) and I got my kink on and I went to a Super Bowl party (where I just had a few drinks, dodged the dudes all up on my jock, and attempted to follow along.) Look at me leaving the house and interacting with flesh and blood humans! I had a friend-date with an awesome lady. We're in the same social circle and have chatted at the bar but she suggested we hang out and, yay, we did so. I'm really not good at knowing how to take a minor acquaintanceship and turn it into a friendship. But I'm trying!

The fact that I was able to focus enough to write this entry makes me super happy.  And determined to keep it up!


  1. Why don't you aim to lose weight? I recommend giving up sugar and wheat products - look into the paleo diet. I understand that you are very heavy so you would have to be careful and proceed with medical advice. It would be a long-term project. But imagine your life in 1 year, 3 years, maybe it would even take 5 years to achieve a totally new you. But you could do it. How exciting that would be! A life-transforming project.

    1. I'm curious as to why my goals (which I've posted) to eat healthier and in a more sane way, to move my body more, and to do physical therapy exercises on a daily basis aren't enough. Why would I need to aim to lose weight when my goals are all about treating my body better and allowing it to find the weight it's most comfortable with?