Saturday, December 15, 2012

Swimsuits from Simply Be

It's almost Christmas so let's talk swimwear! Obviously. Let's check out plus size swimwear by Simply Be! They have a massive collection of swim wear and I've dug through it, finding some of my favorites.

I dig bikinis. I wish more fatties felt comfortable enough to wear them. But then it's difficult because finding a bikini that fits. It gets harder the larger you are. While not all of Simply Be's suits go beyond a 20, there are many that do! Which delights me like crazy.

(Just an FYI, the bathing suit models are...far from plus size. Just thought I'd mention it.)

1 Joe Browns Bikini The paisley made me immediately think of Natalie!

2 Pour Moi Crete Bikini

3 Beach to Beach Stars Bikini Gah I love stars! This one goes to a 32 and you can get a matching tankini if you're uncomfortable with the bikini top.

4 Marilyn Underwired Balconette Bikini This is one of my favorites! Dots and flowers. I just love the flower fabric so much!

5 Beach to Beach Bikini Comes in a 32 and it's just bloody adorable!

6 Jeffrey and Paula Tankini Set This one covers you up a bit but is still cute and stylish.

There's also the fun of mixing and matching to create something you love and feel comfortable in.

1 Silhouette Mix and Match Skort

2 Cosmo Underwired Padded Sweetheart The longer I look, the more I like it.

3 Flora Ruched Bikini Brief

4 Midnight Martini Sweetheart Bikini Top I'm completely in love with the pattern. It seems I currently have a thing for tiny flowers!

5 Sahara Tie Side Bikini Brief

6 Panache Bandeau Bikini Oh my god, I LOVE the vintage naval feel this has. I would wear the hell out of it!

So, there you go. 12 swimsuits I love!

I'm hoping to find the courage to wear a bikini top in the summer. And by “bikini top” I actually mean a retired bra paired with board shorts. Because a fatty wants to feel sun on her belly! It's scary. It's scary to show a body that society tells you and everyone else to despise. If you can't walk outside in that bikini? Put on a one piece! Put shorts and a t-shirt over it! But don't stop yourself from going to the beach or swimming in that pool. Even if you're not ready to show a lot of skin (or if you never WANT to show a lot of skin) you deserve the life you want. You deserve to feel water enveloping your body.

You deserve to be anywhere you goddamn well want to be!