Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 34! My roommates (P & M) came into my room at 7:30am with heavy-handed Bloody Mary's and brought me out to reveal the amazing dinosaured out living room! I was drunk and covered in fake tattoos by 9am.

If I could live forever in my new cat shoes, I totally would.

It was a fabulously dino-centric birthday! In addition to the dinosaur d├ęcor, there was a dino toy, a dino necklace, and a T-Rex Trying shirt. And that shit wasn't even planned! THEME YEAR.

P and I discussing how I really need to be more social and go out more and even just get to know our neighbors...

Me: I really do. I should start, occasionally, going outside with you guys when you smoke and start meeting folks! Before I'm known as the weird white girl who never leaves her trailer.

P: Yeahhhh...that's kind of already your reputation around the park...


For those of you in the US, how was your Thanksgiving? I had my first Thanksgiving in 20+ years so it was awesome. P & M cooked and a friend who was in Atlanta for work came down to spend the holiday weekend with me while they were out of town with family. They made a giant turkey with stuffing, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, and baked beans.

My friend brought bottles of wine and pecan and apple pies along with him. It was quite the feast! Apparently we were too busy eating and drinking to take pictures. Next year! I'm so happy my roommates wanted to do a big Thanksgiving, even if it had been for only the three of us. We really are a family; it's awfully nice. We're decorating for Christmas this weekend. I couldn't be more excited!!

Thank you so much Jessica T! The vitamins are SO incredibly helpful! They're those things that I want to stockpile whenever possible! And you've gotten me through months of vitamin needs.


  1. Holy shit I just remembered how much I miss Southern Pecan Pie. You can get it up here but not nearly as good. Plus you get boiled peanuts at every gas station too. *jealous*

    1. I've only ever had grocery store pecan pie. And boiled peanuts once. Ugh, I need to change both of those facts.

  2. Happy Birthday! It looks like your roommates are awesome like you and love to have a good time! And you had a great Thanksgiving too....So happy for you.

    Terri T.

  3. Heidi, I'm so happy you have that family that you always wanted and that you are so loved and that people celebrate the fact that you were born and bring joy into their lives. I'm sorry I missed your birthday (Bad Janet) but I'll be mailing you some caramels and cards in the next few days and I think that will make up for it LOL. LOVE YOU!!