Friday, September 7, 2012

Wide Fitting Shoes

Having wide feet is difficult. It's not easy to find shoes and boots if you have the wide feet that so few retailers cater to. But, guess what? The UK based Wide Fitting website has got you covered!

Wide Fitting is great. They host a collection of shoes from various other sites in one handy dandy place. They carry flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, wide sling back shoes, and boots and they go up to EEEEE width in some cases! Wide Fitting strongly recommends that you measure your foot in order to figure out exactly what width you need and can wear so your shoes are all that much more comfortable and perfect for you.

In order to check your foot wrap a tape measure underneath the widest part of your foot, just below the toe and measure the width round your foot. Then consult the table below to find your perfect wide fitting shoes size.

They're fun, fashionable, and wide fitting shoes! And since they're a collection of various brands, you're more likely to find something you like! Wanna see some of my favorites? You know you do!

1) Hush PuppiesLace Up Ankle Boots – 75GBP – Oh my god. Oh. My. God. I'm so madly in love with these. The color, the flower, the mix of fabrics... Beautiful.

2) Viva La Diva T BarShoes – 20GBP – Again with the gorgeous color and mix of fabrics! I seem to be unintentionally creating themes! I think t-bars are adorable but my foot's fat across the top and I can't wear them. 

3) Lotus Bar Shoes – 35GBP – Mmmm purple patent. I do love the shape of the strap as well.
4) Hush Puppy Bar Shoes – 55GBP – A little detailing gives this very classic shoe a bit more interest. 

5) Viva La Diva Mary Jane Shoes – 20GBP – Simple. Classic.

6) The Shoe Tailor Court Shoes 25GBP – I'm a sucker for simple, comfortable, slip on ballet flats. Besides Converse, that's all I wear.

If you're foot is on the wide side, I'd recommend checking them out!