Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wide Fitting Shoes at Marisota

Having wide feet is a pain.  It's not easy to find shoes and boots if you have the wide feet that so few retailers cater to.  But, guess what?  The UK based Marisota has got you covered!

Marisota is amazing.  They carry flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, and boots and they go up to EEEEE width in some cases!  They carry UK sizes 4 to 10 which converts to US sizes 6 to 12.  While most retailers carry a very limited number of wide width shoes and boots, Marisota carries, literally, hundreds of styles.  They're fun, fashionable, and wide fitting shoes!  Wanna see some of my favorites?  You know you do!

1) Footflex by Lotus Shoes - 30GBP This cute pump comes in beige, black, brown, grey.  But I'd absolutely choose the purple.  Come on, soft, velvety purple shoes?  And that heel!  Want!

2) Simply Be Peep Toe Heels – 32GBP Okay, I seem to be drawn to purple shoes today!  Seriously?  Sexy as ALL hell.  I wish, so badly, that I was capable of walking heels.  Alas, a lifetime of sneakers makes that feel completely impossible.

3) Heavenly Soles Brogued Shoes – 35GBP Witchay Wuhmuuuuun!  The Oxford detailing kills me in the best way.

4) Isabella Cole Cut Out Court – 30GBP Okay, this is feeding my heel obsession. How adorable is this!?  I'm swooning.

5) Bespoke Bow Platform Heels – 35GBP Oh my god, speaking of swooning...  Please please please someone teach me to walk in heels!  I'm pretty much resigned to it being an impossibility.  But if it weren't?  I'd live in shoes just as fabulous and ridiculous as these.

6) Viva La Diva Lace Up Sneakers – 22GBP Now these are some damn adorable sneakers.  I really love florals and these sneakers are just so lovely while still being functional.

And even more exciting?  They have boots for fatty fat fat fat legs!

1) Legroom Leather Boots – 75GBP The classic black boot.  And it also comes in a luscious bordeux color.

2) Viva La Diva Printed Wellies – 30GBP Eeeee!  So damn adorable!  The colors, the flowers, the dots, even the buckle. I'm completely in love with them.

3) Simply Be Studded Ankle Wedge Boots – 35GBP  Again with the purple?  Really?  I have a one track mind today, it seems.

If you're foot is on the wide side, I'd recommend checking them out!