Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion World

So, have any of you shopped with Fashion World? They're a UK based website and one of the best clothes catalouges I've seen, with an awesome and huge collection of clothes from all sorts of designers in sizes 12 to 36! What's cool is that you can browse and sort by sizes, designers, occasions, dress length, sleeve length, color, or styles.

As you might know, I'm obsessed with dresses. They're favorite things ever. Even though I'd never worn one in public until a year or so ago because I didn't like showing my legs. But that's changed! Not only do I show my legs, my dresses tend to be sleeveless as well! I know, it's crazy! Crazy but so fucking awesome. I daydream about dresses constantly. They're, really, the only fashion items I fantasize about owning tons of. Living in the dirrrrty south has made me much less self conscious about showing my fat in the summer. We're all hot and sweaty and miserable and anything that makes that even slightly less so? Completely acceptable! Who knew humidity would help me deal with some of my body shame!? Also, I had no clue how comfortable dresses are! I can leave the house without putting on pants! It's magical, really.

That being said, would you like to see my dream collection from Fashion World? You know you do! This was actually difficult because I want ALL THE DRESSES!

1) 60s Bow DetailDress – 50GBP - I love the detailing on this one as well as the color. It also comes in black and I love that contrasting with the white bodice.

2) Vintage LaceFlapper Dress – 71GBP – Swoon! I want a 20s party to wear this to ASAP! Someone make that happen!

3) Honeycomb KnitJumper – 45GBP – Love the vintage feel, the large collar, and the pattern. Especially the pattern.

4) Andres PhillipsPrint Dress – 32GBP – I'm in love with the print. I'd shorten it because I like knee length dresses. But, ah, that print!!

5) Joe Brown'sFresh Floral Print – 40GBP – Oh my goddddd, I'm in mad love. This is the perfect spring dress. It's so delicate and lovely.

6) Soft Print Fit and Flare – 30GBP – More dresses need pockets. Seriously.

So when you go to Fashion World, be prepared to exercise restraint or you'll end up falling in love with everything. Just like I did.