Monday, March 5, 2012

Bruises, Money, Meds

So this is the result of my last plasma sale. The tech set the machine to have the cuff too tight and this was the result. I didn't realize it was happening, at the time, because my arm went completely numb. But then within an hour of leaving...bam.



Dude, I know. The bicep bruise totally looks like cock and balls!

The bruising actually continued to spread after I took those pictures. It's been over a week now and it's slowly going away. The only problem (besides the constant pain) is that it's fucked me from being able to sell. Which means I'm out money I really need. Suck. But, eh, I'll figure it out. I'll try going next week and, hopefully, it'll be a go.

New Drug Cocktail
Cymbalta – 90mg (depression)
Lamictal – 100mg (mood disorder)
Busiprone – 10mg (anxiety)
Neurontin – 600mg (nerve pain)

Late Morning
Vitamin D

Early Afternoon
Vitamin C

Late Afternoon

Busiprone – 10 mg (anxiety)
Neurontin – 600mg (nerve pain)
Seroquel – 400mg (mood disorder)

Klonopin – 1mg (insomnia)

And somewhere in there I take 1200mg Magnesium for pain control.

This combination seems to be working really well. Some anxiety issues still but the apathy and desire to isolate are definitely dissipating. I'm still having insomnia problems and the Klonopin needs to be upped but I don't know if she will since it's a street drug. I see my psychiatrist in April so I'll have a better idea by then if it needs more tweaking or not.

I really need to find a pain doctor who will prescribe me pain killers. But the deductible for a specialist is $140 so, eh, that'll be awhile! I need to start back with the exercising and physical therapy which I know will help some. Definitely not all...but some.

I've been to two of my DBT groups. The therapist is really good. Some of the other patients are irritating as hell but I don't really like a lot of people so, you know, not a huge shock. Some Bible thumping and slut shaming but the therapist was good about moving pass that. I think it's going to be helpful. And it seems that everyone who has done DBT has greatly benefited from it. So, I'll keep you posted!

There's a guy. We kind of have feelings for each other already but we haven't even met yet so I don't really see it as real. We're supposed to see each other this weekend. Fingers crossed we don't despise each other!


  1. I've seen this kind of bruising on a lot of people who donate plasma, never a cock and balls shaped bruise but certainly makes your's more interesting. I don't know about the plasma center where you are but at the plasma center here, it's mostly all student nurses so that explains a lot.

  2. Wow...that's quite a bruise! Man alive! Glad your therapist is good...I hope it helps you!

  3. Heidi, I know you're hard up for money, so I thought I'd let you know about an easy way you can pick up a few bucks. (And no, this is not a scam -- it's for reals!) If you go on Craigslist online for your city, then click on "Jobs," then click on "Et Cetera Jobs," you'll see a lot of ads asking for subjects for research studies. Most of it is market research, but some is medical research. Anyway, if you click on an ad, you will usually be asked to answer a brief online survey or send them some basic info. If you pass the initial screening, they will call or email you and ask more questions, and if you get through that, they'll accept you as a subject for the study. You might be compensated anywhere from $50 to a couple of hundred bucks for your time.

    I've been answering a ton of these ads over the past few weeks and I did get picked for two of them. One was a focus group for a women's beauty product; it lasted three and a half hours and I got paid $200 for it. The other was an online thing where I viewed a couple of ads and then answered questions about them via a webcam/video hookup. That took about a half hour and paid $50.

    As I said, I did want you to know about this kind of work, in case you weren't aware of it and were interested in following up. Chances are you'll answer many, many ads before you get accepted into a study, but if they take you, it's well worth the money, imo. One thing to look out for, though, are scams. Anything that requires you to pay money or give away your bank account info, or that involves Moneygram or Western Union in any way is a scam, so look out! I almost got taken by a scam involving Moneygram (after they sent me the info I was suspicious and googled "Moneygram scam." Needless to say, my suspicions were confirmed!)

    Anyway, all this is fyi, in case you're interested. Best of luck with everything -- you totally rock!