Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Today was Mr Rogers' birthday.

Several years ago I wrote him a letter. I told him that he saved my life. That all through high school I woke up hours early so I could watch him every morning. And for 30 minutes every day I felt safe. And I felt good enough. To my surprise, he wrote me back. A two page letter telling me how much he appreciated me and how glad he was he could help me. He told me I was strong and brave and amazing and special. He told me Daniel Striped Tiger sent me a hug.

I cried so hard when I received that letter. When I was robbed and lost everything, I lost that as well. My computer, my stereo, my writing, my photos, my childhood toys...I got over that. But the loss of that letter still hurts me.

When he died, I cried. Because I loved him. Because he loved me. He didn't know me but he loved me. And, you know...he loved you too.


  1. Mr Rogers was the fucking man. I loved that show for a lot of reasons...

  2. this made me cry. he was my favorite too.

  3. I cried when Mr. Rogers died as well. He was such a huge part of my growing up. Our local paper had a segment just after his passing where local kids wrote letters to him and it was heart breaking. He was an amazing man with a wonderful message for children and adults alike. He was an all around beautiful human being.
    ♡ Brooke

  4. This post gave me chills. Thank your for writing it, I thought I was the only one.

    Watching Mr. Rogers on TV were some of the best times in my life. So sorry you lost the letter but at least his words live in your memory and his spirit thrives with all of us :D