Friday, January 6, 2012

Nothing makes me happy the way new hair does.

A dress I got for my birthday. I love it so much.

Things are...okay? My roommate is moving out this weekend and I've yet to find a replacement. Which really fucks me over financially. I talked to my landlady and she really wants me to stay. To the point that she's willing to lower the rent. We're supposed to talk in a couple of weeks (assuming I still haven't found a roommate) about how low she can go and whether or not I can afford to stay. My lease doesn't end until May so... Hopefully it works out.

I have so much to do but have no energy. I'm thinking I'm in the middle of a fibro flare due to that and the pain. Blech.

I've been reading a lot. Do you have a Good Reads account? If so, we should be friends!


  1. Love that dress on you and the hair. Also I know all about the stresses of having to find a roommate. I hope it all works out. <3

  2. Hair is looking hot!

    Also, I have sent you a goodreads friend request :) I just started with it myself so I don't have much in there yet.

  3. You looking fucking amazing in that dress.

  4. Wow that dress is great, really flattering. You look beautiful.

  5. I love the look great. Good luck on finding a great roommate. That's really nice of your landlady to offer to lower the rent if you don't find someone. I know it would be a big deal to have to find a new place and to move. Wish you well.
    And now we are Goodread friends too. Did you ever read the book I sent you that I wrote?

  6. Look how hot you are! Will friend on GR.

  7. I friended you on goodreads -- I tend to be sort of sporadic about updating it, but I'll try to be better. My username on there is goingloopy also.

    Your hair looks adorable, and that dress is way cuter on you than it looks on the Old Navy website. Maybe I'll change my mind about ordering one! :)