Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I made this to be my desktop wallpaper.

Only you can define what self-care is for you. Only you know what makes you feel safe and secure and accepted and strong and lovely. Only you know what makes you feel alive.


  1. Seeing those goals every day will be a great reminder...but did you actually intend to write "NOT" hiding from the world?

  2. I completely agree that self care IS what you determine it to be, there is no arguing that concept. However, I think (with regard to comments on your new years resolution post) when you are constantly having financial issues/asking for money/talking about not being able to afford housing/medication - people see "tattoos and piercings" as a frivolity. Alot of people feel REALLY good when they shop and buy new things. Feeling good could be considered "self care". I don't think anyone here cares what you spend your money on....unless you are then asking them for/eluding to needing/complaining about not having...money. That...was the point.

  3. This is great. I was totally thinking of doing a blog post like this too. Great minds think alike. ;)