Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have a busy weekend coming up. Friday I'm heading to Atlanta where I'm having lunch with an online friend who's in town for a conference, then a second date with a very nice man, then the book signing for Big, Big Love, and then coffee with a friend of Amanda's. Saturday is Korean food with a friend and possibly going to a kink party. Sunday I'll be doing something nifty that will end up on this site next week.

Next Saturday I'm heading back to Atlanta to see Pam, who is also in town for a conference. Then maybe a kink party after that if I feel up to it.

I'm trying really hard to be more social. Can you tell? The pain killers help with that as well.

Pictures. I need to remember to take pictures of everything.

I got the address for the hospice center that took care of my mom so I can send them money in the future. They did so much for her. And for me.


  1. I'm glad you're getting out there! Have fun and take a lot of pictures so I can live vicariously through you! ♥

  2. I'd like to suggest that while you're in Atlanta you find a little time to visit Dekalb Farmer's Market. I'm about to move away from ATL and that market is the one thing in the area that I'll find completely irreplaceable - it's not only the best quality place I've ever bought food but also the cheapest. I am still not sure how this is even possible. The veggies are what I really go for - most of my staples are under $1 per pound, some as little as 59c/lb, and the selection is amazing - but there's a huge amount of other stuff too; I get tons of low-price spices and sauces, a cake stand, a fish stall that always does tilapia for about $1.50 each. The sake is hidden right in the corner (but you can't buy alcohol on sundays because GA is full of shit). There's tons of stuff I've never even looked at. I think it's a really fun foodie experience (I love dragging friends there with me) plus I'm sure you'll find a few things to take home and put in your pantry at very little cost. The street address is 3000 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, Georgia 30033.

  3. you're doing so well. I'm proud of you.

  4. Glad you have some fun activities to keep you busy....and will be looking forward to reading about it all...with photos too, of course!