Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yesterday I swam naked under the sun and it felt wonderful. After that I went to another party and ate ribs for the first time. Holy lord. I also touched a snake for the first time! A boa named Ruby. I held her like a baby and stroked her for ages. She was just so incredibly soft.

Simple Goals for July

* Go sleeveless in public – Only around friends. Well, a couple of times I got gas and another time I went to WalMart...those count, right? I'm saying yes! And I met knew people while sleeveless so...I'm crossing it off!

* Donate platelets twice – At this point they actually recognize my voice when I call!

* Read a book 14 done! (You can see what I'm reading if you're over on Good Reads.) I'm focusing on easy, quick reads. And trashy...don't forget trashy. It's definitely helping me get back in the habit of reading, which I lost years ago due to depression. I'm starting simple and then going to build up to books that require, you know, thought and effort. I had no idea “paranormal romance” was an actual genre! Let's call it what it is, people, VAMPIRE PORN!

* Take more pictures – This didn't happen as I didn't do any damn thing this month.

* Make another video – Ehhhh, in a place where I just don't feel like being looked at right now.

* Repot my succulents

* Don't overdraw my bank account – I was so close! And then a few days ago AAA renewed my membership without letting me know ahead of time. Blast.

* Post two sex toy reviews

Simple Goals for August
* Talk to someone at the local community college about financial aid and admission

* Get my transcripts

* Donate platelets twice

* Read two books – Look at me being optimistic!

* Take more pictures – Should be a given since Sarra is visiting me!

* Make another video

* Don't overdraw my bank account

* Post two sex toy reviews


  1. You doing so well with your monthly goals...good luck with August especially the financial aid for college courses. Yay YOU!

  2. Google FASFA and do your application in a day, I was able to get results right away. You do have to pick a college so they can "talk" to that college. FASFA is where you don't have to pay anything back, it is all grants. I believe with it too you have to take full credit hours. (12)

  3. 14 books in 1 month? That's great! I'm trying to read more too - I love it and have hundreds (no exaggeration) sitting around .. I am doing better recently and hope it will continue!

  4. Actually just to correct what clyde_doll said, FAFSA isn't only for grants, it also tells you what you're eligible for in terms of student loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized. It is indeed where you also find out about grants, though. I used to do college advising, so I know a lot about this topic! :)

  5. I second clyde_doll and Blaise- do the FAFSA, you can do it online and everything. As clyde_doll said, you just have to get the college code- go to their website, and it's on their financial aid page. Or, you can even look it up within the FAFSA application online- there will be a page where it asks for the college code, and it will say "if you don't know your college code, use this drop-down box".

    Here's the link for the FAFSA app online-

    Super easy and quick to do!