Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School Plans

So, my school plans! I actually have no idea, to be honest. Well, that's not true, I have some idea. I've wanted to double major in Psychology and Women's Studies since I was 15 years old. With the intention of ending up at a feminist non-profit. But, in the last several years, I've realized that I'm really interested in the psychology of crime and wanting to work for a non-profit that focuses on ending the death penalty and/or prison reform. So I'm thinking I'm going to double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Possibly minoring in Women's Studies because of how important that is to me. I'd also really like to take courses in Non-profit Management.

I'm going to start at the community college here and finish up my Gen Ed requirements. Then transfer over to Auburn University. I'll get my BA and then re-examine whether I want to stay in the area for my Masters or move somewhere else.

Those are my goals. Pretty vague and I'm open to changes as they come but that's my general plan.

One week until Sarra arrives! I'm so so so excited! Adventure time!

A box of books came! Thank you so much, Jen! I can't wait to read them – I've wanted a few of these for years. I'm extra especially excited to finally read Alison Bechedel's Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.

My Good Vibrations links seem to not be working (thank you for the heads up, Racheal) and I can't figure out why. I sent an email asking for help so, hopefully, they can do so.


  1. One thing to think about... in your busy course schedule with a double major and a minor, make sure you leave time to do one or more (probably unpaid) internships by the time you graduate. It's becoming more and more of a necessity these days. I would even say it's more important than multiple majors/minors. I know you've worked for nonprofits in the past, but it always looks good when you've done multiple internships (it shows you have mastered work/school balance), and it gives you great contacts... which opens a lot of doors for you.

  2. Great to have plans and goals to work toward. I think you would be wonderful at any of the choices you blogged about. Good luck moving forward.

  3. Awesome! Bear in mind that a psychology BA doesn't go nearly as far as a psychology BSc or a medical psych degree - it's best to go for one of the latter. I've had phases of wanting to go for women's studies, but I'm also sympathetic to the view that the advent of Women's Studies was the death of activist feminism. Genders are like opinions - (almost) everybody has one.

  4. Hey Heidi,

    Let me know if you ever want advice about nonprofits.