Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amanda's Birthday

I spent yesterday with Amanda and we celebrated her birthday! I bought her a science-based card and shirt. Her being a food scientologist, and all. Our first adventure occurred with the discovery of a snake above her door. It found the birds nest that was there and, um, gorged itself. Dude, this is the shit that, apparently, happens when you live in the wilds!

Animal adventure concluded, we continued on. We had the Very Veggie from Brick Oven Pizza and some dark beer. Then we played with Perler beads! Because she was stunned to find out I never did that when I was little. It was really fun. My fingers are a bit fat for it but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Then we headed over to Hooters for trivia night. On the way, she noticed a mural. Um, yeah.

Affluent white folks and the slaves doing all the work. So after that discovery, we continued on our way. To Hooters. Where I felt dirtier than I ever did at a proper strip club. It's just...creepy. Like, a dude ogling a waitress at Waffle House, you know? Also, their food is terrible. On the plus side, our team won Trivia Night. Sadly, the chairs absolutely destroyed my back. Ugh. Hella pain.

All in all, a very interesting day! Also, I won a sex toy giveaway online! The perfect end to a damn memorable day.


  1. That snake thing is really upsetting. I wish I hadn't read this post.

  2. Sounds like a great day......except for the Hooters part......glad you got to enjoy some new experiences...except for the snake...

  3. Omg I totally thought those beads were something dirty but was then thrown for a loop when she was shocked that you hadn't played with them when you were little. :) I have never heard of them...

  4. Wait a minute! I'm Amanda, and my birthday was the 26th, and I don't remember doing any of this! WTF! :) Glad you had fun :)

  5. um, no offense, but isn't it food SCIENTIST, not food scientologist?

  6. Yes, it is food scientist. But food scientologist amuses me and annoys her.