Thursday, June 30, 2011

So, wearing dresses? Is awesome. They're so comfy! I wore one last night at a get-together. I wimped out and wore a short sleeved sweater with it because I couldn't handle being sleeveless around so many new people. But, baby steps! I wish I had a couple more cotton ones with short sleeves. One day!

I'm working on those drawings of my physical therapy exercises for you guys. I can't draw so gave up on that and am trying to do them in paint which is even more hilarious. I haven't forgotten! I'll, hopefully, have them done and posted with explanations by the end of next week.

I've added cardio to my daily routine. Well, okay, today was the first day but I'm optimistic! I discovered that if I read while I'm pedaling, the time seriously flies by. I did 20 minutes without even realizing it! Multi-tasking score!

To answer a recent question about what I can and can't eat (paraphrasing): nope, I have no problems eating anything, really. Too much fried foods or sugar make me sick but I have no problem if they're in average amounts. I can drink alcohol with no problem. Essentially, I get drunk incredibly quickly but also sober up super fast as well. I have trouble with pasta and rice. I can eat both but they tend to fill me up quicker than I anticipate and I end up sick about ½ the time because of that.

Speaking of food, things are going really well with The Fat Nutritionist. She's helping and teaching me so much.

Simple Goals for June
* Buy new glasses – Well, I got the eye exam done! One eye improved and one eye worsened. What the hell, eyes, at least change in unison! I'm going to order them in August, hopefully.

* Wear a dress in public 6/2/11

* Donate platelets twice 6/6/11 and 6/20/11

* Swim 6/1/11

* Read a book Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment 6/30/11

* Clean the inside of my car 6/4/11

* Blog more

Simple Goals for July
* Go sleeveless in public - not just with close friends but actually out in public

* Donate platelets twice

* Read a book

* Take more pictures

* Make another video - if you have questions or topics or memes I can discuss/answer in video form, do let me know

* Repot my succulents and cacti

* Don't overdraw my bank account

* Post two sex toy reviews


  1. Did you love Monstrous Regiment? Terry Pratchett is one of my favorites!!

  2. I like your list of small goals for each month and love to see you mark them off as you accomplish them. You are making such good progress. And you wore dresses. I don't have dresses to wear and haven't even gone to look for any.

  3. I really liked Monstrous Regiment! It was a fun read and kept me completely entertained!

  4. Excellent! His other, latest ones have been....different, but in a good way. Not better than his earlier work, but I dunno, deeper maybe? I'm really enjoying them. Could be the limited time (due to his illness) but its all good.

  5. For the glasses, go look at No, I don't work for them, but they keep running "free" glasses promos. All you pay is s&h and if you want thinner lenses, or scratch coating, stuff like that. Everyone in my family has gotten them and they are really nice glasses - name brands, not crappy BC glasses. You are supposed to like them on FB to get the code, but if I see another promo I will send you the code. They've been running the promo semi-regularly.

  6. is doing a free glasses giveaway again. I am not affiliated with them, but I've gotten glasses through an offer like this for me, both my sons, a DIL, a coworker and her 2 kids. We've all had good experiences. Like them on Facebook and get a code to use at checkout that will make the glasses free. You pay s&h (less than $20) and any additional for scratch coating, etc. But the glasses & lenses are free. You will need a current prescription and a measurement called PD which your optometrist should have on file. Good luck!

  7. Thank you so much! I have the coupon code now so hopefully it won't expire before I can afford to use it! Or they'll offer up another giveaway! Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

  8. Sorry about the double posting above. Wanted to tell you that coastal contacts is doing another giveaway on 7-22. Didn't want you to miss it!

  9. Thank you so much! Hopefully I can get a code that's still good in the beginning of August!