Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I sat outside on the deck the yesterday morning and read. It was nice, I want to make it a habit.

The podiatrist's office referred me over to an orthopedist. I need insoles, if only for the fact that my legs are drastically uneven and I kind of hate the $8 flat, hard plastic insole I'm currently using to even me out. And additional support can't be a bad thing!

There's this local band, Crucial Rhyme, that I really like. I, generally, don't like reggae so I, frankly, expected to dislike them. But it infuses so much hip-hop and rock that I, actually, really enjoy their music. A lot. Do check them out. They're working in the studio these days so perhaps I'll have an album to link to in a few months. From what I understand, the tracks on their website are fairly rough but I still happily listen to them.

Do any of you know how to remove the border from the little headers on my links page? It must be a Blogger issue because the html says border=0 but they won't go away. Thank you so so so much, Andrea!!

This may be an odd question, but how did you make so many good friends so fast in such a small town? Did you know them before moving there or...?

Not odd at all! I'm honestly surprised myself at how many people I have in my life now.

My former roommate and I met through the internet. She's been reading my blog for, essentially, the eight years I've been writing it. We started talking quite a few years ago via chat and text. But we'd never met in real life when I decided to move out here.

Amanda I met through my former roommate. My current roommate I met through my former roommate.

A few months before moving here, I changed my OKCupid location to Auburn. I met this awesome guy, Clint on it. He introduced me to the girl he's seeing, Mel. She and I started chatting a couple of months before I got out here. Then I met Carter through her, as they're good friends and roommates. And now I'm meeting a lot of people through them and their very wide social circles. I'm trying to be more social and less afraid/anxious about new people and new things so that's, for obvious reasons, been helping a lot.

A lot of the other people in my life I met through the local and nearby kink scenes.

People in the south are just super friendly and I think they find me appealing for the simple fact that everything down here is so new and exciting to me. “Oh my god, I've never eaten grits before!” So everyone wants to cook for me and help me experience all these awesome things. (I totally do have a First Summer in the Dirrrrty South list! I'm also working on a Fall in the Dirrrrty South one as well! I'll post them and you all can let me know what I'm missing!) Frankly, I've just been lucky. And I'm thankful for that fact on a daily basis.


  1. To remove the borders, add this bit of CSS to your <img> tag:

          style="border: none"

    That should go inside the <img> tag, probably in place of border="0", which is a harmless but somewhat obsolete HTML tag referring to something else.

  2. I am in a kind of similar situation in that I moved to a place (because of my job) where I knew no one, I have been here for 18 months now and still don't really have any friends here. I need to do more to meet people but cant shake the anxiousness I feel about it. I have no idea why but all of a sudden, meeting 'strangers' has become really hard for me .. particularly those i have met on the net.

    I need to take a leaf out of your book really and get going ..gah!

  3. Ahhhh southern people are SO friendly! It's so easy to make friends with them and all of their friends. I love it! I'm so glad you're making so many friends :)