Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Goals

(There's another new entry right before this one.)

Here's my list for summer! Obviously, it's physically and fiscally impossible to accomplish everything in three months but whatever doesn't get done will simply get rolled over to my Fall list. Which, thus far, only includes tailgating, dressing up for Halloween, and carving pumpkins.

My First Summer in The Dirrrrty South
* Swim in a pool 6/1/11
* Swim in a natural body of water
* Wear dresses
* Go sleeveless 6/4/11
* Taste honeysuckle 6/6/11
* See a shooting star
* See fireflies 6/10/11
* Pick fruit
* Pick vegetables
* Go to a roller derby bout
* Wear real flowers in my hair
* See the Atlantic ocean
* Replant my succulents and cacti
* Go to Atlanta
* Visit a museum
* Take a walk in Chewacla Park
* Go to a farmer’s market
* Go to a flea market
* Feed alligators
* Go to a shooting range and learn to shoot a gun
* Pet a cow
* Pet a horse
* Pet a tiger - Gulf Shores Zoo
* Learn to knit
* Learn to change my oil
* Get a manicure and pedicure
* Go to a snake handling church
* Explore the woods
* Build a birdhouse
* Kiss a boy or girl wearing a cowboy hat
* Make out under the stars
* Fuck in a summer storm
* Drink moonshine or Jungle Juice - Everclear + lots of fruit let to sit for a few days until it tastes just like fruit juice. It's like Sangria, except for made in a bathtub (sometimes) with 10x the kick and none of the class.
* Go to New Orleans
* Visit a voodoo shop
* Get a daiquiri from a drive-thru
* Go crabbing
* Visit old cemeteries
* Do psychedelics of some sort
* Eat!!
o Grits
o Black eyed peas
o Red beans and rice
o Fresh corn
o Greens
o Cornbread
o Kool-Aid pickles
o Fried green tomatoes 6/19/11
o Sun tea
o Ribs
o Gooseberries
o Local honey
o Fried catfish
o Pickled eggs
o Boiled peanuts
o Okra
o Fried pork chops 6/19/11
o Biscuits
o Frogs legs
o Crawdads
o Mojitos 6/10/11
o Gumbo
o Burger with Gin Sauce - Pirate’s Cove, Josephine, Alabama
o Scrambled Hot Dog - Dinglewood Pharmacy, Columbus, Georgia
o Lemon meringue pie 6/19/11
o Key lime pie
o Alligator
o Fried Red Snapper Throats - The Bright Star, Bessemer, Alabama
o Crawfish
o Oyster Po’boy
o Trout caviar
o Pimento cheese
o Sweet potato casserole
o Pork cracklings
o Pecan pie


  1. I suggest cheese grits, or fish and grits, and also southern potato salad. In Atlanta (keep in mind I can't eat most of this stuff, but we're famous for it): fried chicken at the Watershed, a Ghetto Burger from Miss Ann's Snack Bar (seriously, look her up on Yelp--the experience is unique), a Vortex coronary bypass burger (read their menu--they have a long section customer behavior:, a level-three pankiller at the Brewhouse Pub (this is alcohol), some of the stuff from the Creative Loafing foodie bucket list:

  2. I'm so happy to see some of my suggestions on there! :D

    I'm glad your list doesn't include TOO much fried stuff. At some of the state/county fairs I've been to they have everything from fried turkey testicles to fried butter. I'm not kidding, this actually happened. Fried twinkies are pretty tasty though. Or the ubiquitous double bacon cheeseburger between 2 krispy creme donuts, which my boyfriend says is delicious (I refused to subject my arteries to such tasty torture!)

  3. i miss crawfish etoufee.

    my bff Julia has a food blog called I Believe I Can Fry. she's from Hollabama, and she's got some great recipes in there, including one for Pimento Cheese and one for Koolickles!

  4. Ooh, scuppernogs (for the food list).

  5. And caramel cake!